SND39: Announcing the 7 finalists for World’s Best-Designed Newspaper

The five World’s Best judges have narrowed down entries to the final 7. Entries are evaluated on writing, visual storytelling, use of resources, execution, photography, headlines and “voice” – as well as overall design.

The World’s Best Designed Newspaper/s will be announced at SND’s annual workshop. Until then, congratulate the finalists:

In no particular order, with comments from the judges

Die Zeit

Smart, bold and imaginative. It’s impossible to tell where their best team is working because every page is designed — and every illustration art directed — with such care. For as expansive a canvas as the broadsheet is, the magazine’s size and pacing serves as a stark contrast, where creativity shines in a more compact form.

Het Parool
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The layering of information here is exquisite: dense but thoughtful. Smart art direction, careful pacing and a true understanding of scale — when it comes to both visuals and typography — moves the reader through its pages like a symphony. The visual editing throughout captures the energy and vitality of the community it serves. What a joy it must be for something like this to be your daily news source.

HS Viikko

The pacing of this newspaper shines. Quiet when it needs to be, the volume builds slowly and truly shines on large spreads showcasing unexpected illustration, clever portraiture and bold photojournalism. There’s something here for every reader, whether you’ve got 10 minutes to catch up on the week’s biggest moments or an entire weekend to read it cover to cover.

La Nación
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This publication is edited with precision: Everything is in its place, well-paced, and played with a clear sense of hierarchy. News is clearly valued here, and La Nación uses everything in its toolbox to explain what that news is, and what it means, to its readers. Outside of the news well, illustration is used sparingly but smartly; and sports and lifestyle coverage changes pace to reflect the energy of that content.

La Repubblica
Rome, Italy

This newspaper shines with its quiet elegance, refined typography and color palette and exquisite organization. It clearly knows its audience and caters to it. Well edited on every level, La Repubblica uses subtle visual cues and a smart, sophisticated graphics style to explain stories to its readers and place them in its world.

The New York Times
New York, USA

Always an industry leader in visual journalism, especially evident this year is The Times’ renewed commitment to providing unique experiences for its print readers — in the form of special sections on a wide range of topics and its powerful photojournalism displayed at a size and scale unimaginable on the web. DNA from its Sunday magazine is seeping into the daily paper, making even serious news sections shine with incisive wit.

Politico Europe
This sophisticated publication knows its audience and has all of the visual qualities you expect to find in an excellent newspaper — strong photography and editing, brilliant use of typography and nearly perfect pacing. Its creative art direction sets a standard for illustration and there are nice surprises in every issue.

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