SND39 Best of Digital Design: Submit Your World’s Best of Digital News Design Nominations

The time to enter this year’s Best of Digital Design may have passed, but we are still looking for your input in nominating organizations from around the world for our World’s Best. So PLEASE – Nominate! This can be your or some other’s organization/publication that you feel has been leading the industry in how to deliver news and information across the various digital platforms.

Help choose the winners 

To nominate, just go here and fill out the nomination form.
That’s it! It’s free of charge. But your time is limited.
Nominations will close on Wednesday, January 24 at 11:59 EST.

About World’s Best 

Each year, the highest goal of this competition is to identify work that has fundamentally shifted or improved how news and information is delivered across digital platforms. This award has been given to websites and apps, but also to overall experiences or organizations.
We want you to submit the nominees that keep you coming back for more. We’re looking at not only the overall design, but how the nominee has told stories in every digital capacity. Tell us about breaking news vs. features design or section templates vs. continuous use tools. Describe how the site or apps use data to tell stories, and how it uses photos, video, sound, illustration, graphics and new forms of digital storytelling. Tell us what set this nominee apart this last year.We encourage individuals, teams, and organizations to nominate themselves or any worthy websites, apps, experiences and organizations. We want to help our judges look at the largest field possible — please help us find the best designs and experiences you’ve seen anywhere in the world.When submitting, make sure to explain how the work has influenced digital design over the last year. The best entries should challenge the industry, stretching the notion of creativity visually and technically. Winners should make a statement to the design community.

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