SND38 Individual Portfolio Winner Spotlight: Chris Rukan

Chris Rukan
Art Director
Outlook, The Washington Post

What is the most important step in your design process?
The planning. The better the planning and communication (because they go together really) beforehand, the better the final product, always.

Who are the key players in your newsroom who you collaborate with to make a project successful?
This is a tough one. Pretty much anyone who touches the project is a key player. Every part of the project needs to be great for the project overall to be really great. Just one example: Is there anything more frustrating than reading a really compelling story that’s riddled with typos? Ok, another: Isn’t it the worst when awesome photos are crammed into some poorly-thought-out design? Last one, for real: How great was your project if you don’t have awesome people promoting it, ensuring that readers/users actually see your newsroom’s great work?

How do you decide which illustrator to hire?
A lot goes into it, but mainly an ability to capture the tone of the piece. Outlook is a newsy section, so the ability to turn things around quickly factors in as well. Try to keep an eye on having diversity (in all senses of the word) in the section.

What do you like most about working in print?
Easy one: The scale.

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