SND London is fast approaching and the great news is that the conference seats are almost sold out. The early bird price will be up to October 27. Everything is set for the attendees to have a wonderful experience in London.

And before it all starts, if you are around London on Thursday, November 2, Graphic News, the London-based graphic agency, is opening its doors for visitors. If you are near Holborn, as an SND attendee, you are welcome to visit. Have a cup of tea! Discuss graphics. Learn the methods used by Graphic News. Please contact Jane Brodie  (Tel +44 20 7404 4280 Mob +44 7789 552 608) to confirm your visit.

In the evening, come and join us at The Market Porter. This is an informal SND welcome for attendees and speakers: a good opportunity to meet other participants and speakers – people with shared interests and challenges. Network and make new friends.

Enjoy! But not too crazy in the evening — the conference starts promptly on Friday.

The Market Porter official website

On Friday morning at News UK, please remember :

  • Allow an hour for registration so aim for 9 to register by 10. This is because of the airport-style security. You will be met at the reception on the ground floor.
  • Make sure you are “on this list.” If you are not sure, contact Stephen Komives
  • Bring photo-ID (driver’s license or passport)
  • Contact Jane in advance if you need to bring any electronic items (such as a computer) or items that will not go through a small bag-scanner. Such items cause delays.

After passing through security you will be escorted to the 17th floor, where the view over London makes everything worthwhile.

We have a busy schedule so it will be important for all speakers to keep to time. The schedule can be downloaded for print, or a full brochure about the event and the speakers:

Schedule online     Schedule for print only    Full event brochure     Networking venues



Schedule for print only

Lunch will be served on the 17th floor. And there is a bonus! During lunch there will be an extra presentation from Juan Senior, a Partner at Innovation Media Consulting Group — Eat and learn at the same time “Why Design Matters – Ten Principles We May Have Forgotten – a Decalogue for good design for print and digital.”

Award winner book : An Amazing Nation  and The Best of News Design

Don’t forget to bring your business or visiting cards (plenty), design books, pencils, drawings….

After the conference, let’s have a farewell drinks at The Mudlark; it’s very near the News UK building. The night is only starting and after a full day of sharing information and inspiration it is time to relax and share your thoughts about the conference, casually in a UK style, about this conference.

The Mudlark official website




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