Introducing the 2018 SND officer candidates

We’re pleased to introduce you to this year’s candidates for the 2018 SND offices of secretary-treasurer, vice president and president. Voting is open to all SND members and will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 11, and continue through Wednesday, Nov. 22. Election results will be announced on Monday, Nov. 27.

The SND offices of President and Vice President will also appear on the ballot. Under its bylaws, the Society operates a leadership “ladder” where the Secretary/Treasurer is automatically nominated to be Vice President and the Vice President to be President. Those nominees still must be elected, but the two higher offices run unopposed. Online balloting does allow write-ins.

There will be a write-in option for each office. Candidate bios are below.


How and who votes: The election is conducted electronically (SND members will get an email). Voting is open to all members. Election results are tallied by a third-party administrator, LLC, overseen by James Claiborne, Managing Partner.

Voting deadline: Voting will end at 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 6
The results: Results will be posted on on Tuesday, Nov. 7

Lapsed or non-members can renew or join before the ballot is issued in order to vote. Renew your membership here.

Questions? Contact Executive Director Stephen Komives at [email protected] The SND bylaws governing the election process is here.


For the position of SND president:
Tyson Evans, The New York Times

For the position of SND vice president:
Paige Connor, Product Manager, at CQ Roll Call (Washington D.C.)

For the position of SND secretary/treasurer:

Aly Morris, RedEye Design Director, Chicago Tribune Media Group

Dave Stanton, design researcher, prototyper, developer (Gainesville, FL)


Aly Morris

Aly Morris

Aly Morris is an award-winning designer for the Chicago Tribune. Her portfolio has won both digital and print awards and she was honored to help judge the SND 37 competition. She has worked on both print and digital sides of newsrooms across the country. She has previously led a team of designers at RedEye – a Chicago Tribune publication aimed at millennials – before being asked to join the Chicago Tribune’s long-standing features desk.

Her previous experience has highlighted some of the problems that many young professionals deal with. She’s hoping through a board position she can help them navigate through the real life newsroom experience while continuing to unlock their personal creative potential.
When Aly isn’t designing section fronts, you can find her with a set of watercolors on the roof of Tribune Tower, rearranging her indoor plant jungle at her apartment, teaching a community yoga class or plotting her travel arrangements for the next SND conference.
Aly loves this creative community of inspiring designers and appreciates the nomination to this position.

Aly Morris’ Goals for SND

CONNECT / Bring members together
How awesome would it be to be able to access the knowledge of this community on a daily basis? Getting real-time feedback on a quick design or connecting with another designer on a similar project only enhances the value of an SND membership.

CREATE / Continued learning
Let’s increase the frequency and location of workshops and training events to reach a wider audience. Showcasing mini-tutorials and quick training online can help members access knowledge from around the world they can’t find in their own newsrooms.

INSPIRE / The next generation
Whether it’s learning tips to inspire your colleagues, cultivating the leaders of the next generation through SND Campus or reinvigorating your own career drive, the focus should be on bettering SND year after year. Through a mentorship program we can continue to foster growth whether you’re a seasoned designer or starting your first job post graduation.
BALANCE / Work meets life
Has anyone else had to cancel plans because they got swept up in the cool project they were creating? Bringing awareness to work/life balance and providing wellness tips to our community makes everyone’s lives better (and longer). Plus chair yoga is fun!
Dave Stanton

Dave Stanton

Dave Stanton is a design researcher, prototyper, and delivery lead. He explores the possibilities of human-to-human and human-to-computer interactions.

Dave earned his Ph.D. from the University of Florida while collaborating with The Poynter Institute on several eye-tracking studies investigating web design, tablet storytelling, photo captions, and user-generated content. He collaborated with Northwestern University, PBS NewsHour, and the American Press Institute to create prototypes exploring new ways for social dynamics to empower news literacy. As a consultant, he has served as the technical lead and design advisor on mobile, web, and voice projects for Weight Watchers, CVS, Chick-fil-A, Johnson & Johnson, Reebok, and others.

He has presented at conferences across industries and continents including SXSW, MozFest, SRCCON, SND, NAHJ, ONA, AEJMC, SPJ, FSPA, as well as numerous workshops organized by SND, The Poynter Institute, the National Science Foundation.

He strives to help young professionals explore their passions through mentorship, coaching, and networking. If elected, he will strive to increase opportunities for young professionals to be involved with SND as well as to find avenues for mid-career journalists to expand their skillsets.

Dave will help SND hold true to traditional design values while exploring new platforms to expand how we tell stories, improve how we convey empathy, and increase the public trust in news.

Dave Stanton’s Goals for SND

  • Explore emerging platforms that may be visual but also may be voice, touch, or hybrid interface types
  • Connect SND with other professional associations, product companies, and educational institutions to improve knowledge sharing across disciplines
  • Promote SND as a home for design professionals outside of traditional newsrooms
  • Push even harder to include more voices and perspectives
  • Support the SND Campus program to help the next generation of SND members navigate their professional growth in a landscape where the paths are continually changing
  • Increase the output of the SND Foundation as a vehicle to fund education and research benefiting both membership and news design more broadly


Paige Connor

Paige Connor

Paige Connor has been championing the craft of design — and the Society for News Design’s role in visually explaining the news — since college, when she joined Ball State University’s SND chapter as a student in 2000. She’s been active in SND ever since.

During her time as SND Director of Membership she help develop a multi-year strategy to increase awareness about what SND does and enabling those who benefit from SND events and outreach to see the value of membership and being part of SND’s global community.

Paige is very passionate about innovation and change — not only in design across platforms — but engaging members to create a community within SND. She continually pushes for a community of inclusion as the Society evolves and has greater emphasis on motivating teams and managing for success.

For her commitments and work at SNDDC and SNDSF, Paige received President’s Awards for excellence in volunteerism for both workshops. In addition to volunteer coordinating for SNDCLT, she is also working with various board members on sponsorship for the conference and SND as an organization.

Paige has earned SND honors for her portfolio, as well as other awards for her design work throughout her career, which includes stints on the cross-platform team at Bloomberg, design director for Politico, assistant sports editor for the Washington Times and art director for two magazines.

Website: Paige SND 2017
Twitter: @paigekconnor


Tyson Evans

Tyson Evans

Tyson Evans is a senior editor for strategy and product at The New York Times. Previously, he was a deputy editor of The Times’s interactive news team and a design editor at the Las Vegas Sun. He has taught at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, the at Stanford, at The New School. His work has been recognized by SND, ONA, IRE, J-Lab and Editor & Publisher.

Tyson has served on the SND board since 2010. He co-chaired the Society’s 2008 Workshop in Las Vegas, overhauled SND’s digital presence, led a series of bootcamp and Quick Course training sessions and helped launch, facilitate and judge its annual Best of Digital News Design competition. He is the chair of SND’s 2018 Workshop in New York City. He is a graduate of UCLA’s Design Media Arts program.

About Stephen Komives

Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.


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