SNDS, the Society for News Design Scandinavia, has awarded the best design of news both digitally and in print.

The Danish digital news site Zetland_ won the digital award “Best of Show”, while the Finnish newspaper Sunnuntaisiomalainen won the “Best of Show” in print when the winners in the competition Best of Nordic News design were revealed Wednesday evening in Copenhagen.

Finnish Aamulehti won gold for the newspaper’s overall design, while Danish Berlingske won gold in the redesign category. Among the other gold winners in print are Norwegian VG, Swedish Dagens Nyheter, Danish Information, Aftenposten from Norway and Danish Politics.

In the digital competition to Zetland_ from Denmark, Expressen from Sweden, from Norway and Norwegian won gold prizes.

The creative designers from the Nordic media houses scored the attractive prizes in the annual competition organized by SNDS, the Society for News Design Scandinavia.

“Good design is one of the keys to attracting new readers – and customers – in a world where readers and viewers are becoming increasingly critical of how they spend their time, SNDS President Flemming Hvidtfeldt, Denmark, said at the award ceremony during the design conference Wednesday evening.

“The news flow is constantly growing, and today’s customers are more picky than ever. One way to meet their demands is by presenting news and stories as attractive as possible, Flemming Hvidtfeldt emphasized. The chairman of the digital jury, Kim Bjørn, Denmark, says visual quality decreases as media houses dismisses layouters and designers:

“It may well turn out to be the completely wrong strategy. Identity, UX, UI and data visualization require creativity and visual skills – skills that SNDS helps to strengthen in the Scandinavian digital media landscape, says Kim Bjørn.

More than 70 media houses from the four Nordic countries and the three Baltic countries participated in the competitions. In total 15 gold prizes were awarded 45 silver prizes and 66 bronze prizes at the event, where the winners were published.

For the competition almost 500 entries were submitted in the print competition and about 100 in the digital competition.

Follow this link here to see the full list of print and digital winners

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