17 Awesome Illustrators You Need To Follow On Instagram

During our most recent #TakeoverTuesday, team Lily  asked our Instagram followers to name their favorite illustrator for the opportunity to win one of their signature pins.


We loved the answers so  much we put them together in one place. Enjoy:


1. Mari Andrew


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2. Mitch O’Connell

3. Raj Dhunna

Punjabi soul 🇮🇳

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4. Kimothy Joy

5. Cameron Cottrill

6. Leandra Cianci

but actually… winter is coming. // TONIGHT! #gameofthrones #jonsnow

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7. Marylou Faure


8. Petra Eriksson

9. Beth Hoeckel

10. Kirsten Sevig

11. Andrea Levy


12. Mark Conlan

13. Carolyn Sewell

14. Taylor McManus

15. Karen Kurycki

16. Jon Stich

17. Robert Carter

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