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July is only starting and Society for News Design provides a calendar of events happening this month.

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01 JUL.

Burundi Independence Day

100th birth anniversary of Humphry Osmond, British psychiatrist who pioneered the use of psychedelic drugs (especially LSD) in the treatment of mental disorders England

01-23 JUL.

Cycling: 2017 Tour de France France

Canada Day

Rwanda Independence Day

Somalia Foundation of the Somali Republic

03 JUL.

Belarus Independence Day

50th anniversary of the first episode of News at Ten was broadcast on ITV in the UK. It was Britain’s first permanent 30-minute evening news TV programme

03-16 JUL.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2017 United Kingdom Sports

04 JUL.

United States Independence Day

International Day of Cooperatives

05 JUL.

Venezuela Independence Day

150th birth anniversary of A. E. Douglass, American astronomer and archaeologist. Founder of the field of dendrochronology (dating past events by analysing the ring growth patterns in trees) U. S.

125th anniversary of African American inventor Andrew Jackson Beard was granted a U.S. patent for his rotary steam engine U. S.

40th anniversary of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was overthrown in a bloodless coup by General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Pakistan

06 JUL. 2017

Comoros Independence Day

Malawi Independence Day

07 JUL.

Solomon Islands Independence Day

07-09 JULY

2017 British Grand Prix 2017 Britain

11 JUL.

Mongolia Independence Day/Revolution Day

World Population Day

12 JUL.

Kiribati Independence Day

Sao Tome and Principe Independence Day

14 JUL.

Fete de la Federation (Bastille Day) France

60th anniversary of Rawya Ateya takes her seat in the National Assembly of Egypt, becoming the first female parliamentarian in the Arab world Egypt

14-30 JUL.

Swimming: World Aquatics Champs Budapest Hungary

17 JUL.

17th anniversary of Bashar Al Assad becomes President of Syria Syria

18 JUL.

Nelson Mandela International Day

200th birth anniversary of Jane Austen, British romantic novelist. One of the most widely read writers in English literature. England

150th birth anniversary of Margaret Brown, American actress, socialite, human rights activist and philanthropist who survived the sinking of the Titanic

125th death anniversary of Thomas Cook, pioneering British travel agent. Founder of Thomas Cook & Son England

20 JUL.

Colombia Independence Day

20-23 JUL.

Golf: British Open Royal England

21 JUL.

Ascension to the Throne of King Leopold I, Belgium

200th birth anniversary of Sir John Gilbert, British artist, illustrator and engraver. Known as ‘the Scott of painting’ England

21-23 JUL.

Hungary Hungarian Grand Prix

23 JUL.

Egypt Revolution Day

24 JUL.

150th birth anniversary of E. F. Benson, British novelist, short story writer, biographer and memoirist England

25 JUL.

60th anniversary of Tunisia proclaims Republic

26 JUL.

Liberia Independence Day

Maldives Independence Day

27 JUL.

100th death anniversary of Emil Theodor Kocher, pioneering Swiss surgeon. Winner of the 1909 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his work on the thyroid gland Switzerland

28 JUL.

Peru Independence Day

World Hepatitis Day

30 JUL.

Throne Day (accession of King Mohammed VI to the throne) Morocco

Vanuatu Independence Day

International Day of Friendship

World Day against Trafficking in Persons

28-30 JUL.

German Grand Prix 2017

31 JUL.

150th birth anniversary of S. S. Kresge, American merchant who founded a chain of discount stores which later became Kmart

Here are the upcoming anniversaries during the month of July 2017:

 1 Year (2016)

July 01: Gunmen storms into the Holey Artisan Bakery restaurant in Dhaka and opened fire, 20 people killed.

July 02: Michael Cimino, the Oscar-winning director dies at the age of 77.

July 04: Suicide bombers strike in Madinah, Qatif and Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, killing four people.

July 04: NASA’s unmanned Juno spacecraft begins orbiting Jupiter.

July 06: South African Paralympic gold medallist Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to 6 years in prison for girlfriend’s murder

July 06: Lionel Messi and his father has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud, neither man is expected to serve time in jail.

July 07: A gunman kills five police officers in Dallas, US

July 08: Pakistani’s legendary philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi dies in Karachi, at the age of 92.

July 12: Two trains collided head-on in Puglia, Italy, killing 20 people.

July 13: David Cameron visits queen to resign as British prime minister. Theresa May becomes new British Prime Minister.

July 15: 84 people are killed when a 31-year-old French Tunisian attacked Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France.

July 15: 265 people are killed in a failed military coup against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan government.

July 22: Gunmen kills 7 people in shooting rampage in a shopping mall in Munich, Germany.

July 23: Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov sets world record for flying round the globe in a hot air balloon in just over 11 days, lands safely in Australia.

July 25: Two people are dead and 13 wounded in shooting at nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida.

July 25: At least 19 people are killed when a knife-wielding man went on the rampage at a Japanese care centre for the mentally disabled in Sagamihara.

July 26: Solar Impulse 2 lands in Abu Dhabi after created history by circumnavigating the globe without using a drop of fossil fuel.

July 30: A hot air balloon crashes in central Texas and killing at least 16 people.

2 Years (2015)

July 10: Omar Sharif, the Egyptian-born movie actor of Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago, died at a hospital in Cairo.

July 17: Formula One driver Jules Bianchi dies, nine months after a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix.

July 26: Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, the only daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, dies.

July 27: Former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam dies of heart attack in Shillong.

5 Years (2012)

July 09: Aung San Suu Kyi attended her first session of parliament at Myanmar’s Lower House.

July 15: The Habshan-Fujairah crude oil pipe made its inaugural 500,000 barrels of crude exported to Pakistan.

July 20: A gunman opens fire at a crowded cinema in Colorado, killing 12 people.

July 30: A fire swept through the coach  passenger train packed with sleeping passengers in the south of Hyderabad, India, killing at least 32 people.

10 Years (2007)

July 17: TAM Airlines Flight 3054 crashed in São Paulo, Brazil after overrunning the runway in heavy rain. All 187 passengers and crew were killed, plus 12 people on the ground.

July 23: Death of Mohammed Zahir Shah, last King of Afghanistan.

July 25: Pratibha Patil became the first female President of India.

15 Years (2002)

July 01: The International Criminal Court begin operating in The Hague, the Netherlands.

July 03: American businessman and adventurer Steve Fossett became the first person to circumnavigate the world solo in a balloon.

July 09: The African Union is founded. It was replaced with the Organisation of African Unity.

July 27: Ukraine air show disaster. A military jet crashes into the crowd at an air show in Lviv, western Ukraine, killing more than 80 people

20 Years (1997)

July 01: The sovereignty of Hong Kong is transferred from the UK to China.

July 01: The entertainment television network MTV UK & Ireland is launched.

July 04: NASA’s Mars Pathfinder spacecraft lands safely on Mars.

July 05: Second Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, overthrew First Prime Minister Prince Norodom Ranariddh in a military coup.

July 31: Death of Bao Dai, last emperor of Vietnam.

25 Years (1992)

July 04: The US Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington is commissioned.

July 31: The former Soviet republic of Georgia joined the United Nations

40 Years (1977)

July 05: The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was overthrown in a bloodless coup by General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.

July 22: The first barrel of oil passed through the newly completed Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

 50 Years (1967)

July 03: The first episode of News at Ten is broadcast on ITV in the UK.

July 05: Israel annexes the Gaza Strip following the Six-Day War.

July 08: Death of Vivien Leigh, award-winning Indian-born British stage and film Actress.

July 14: Death of Tudor Arghezi, Romanian poet, novelist and essayist.

July 29: Caracas earthquake, Venezuela. 236 people were killed.

60 Years (1957)

July 02: The US submarine Grayback is launched. It was the first submarine designed to fire Regulus II nuclear cruise missiles.

July 06: American tennis player Althea Gibson became the first black player to win a Wimbledon singles title.

July 15: Death of James M. Cox, American newspaper publisher and politician. Governor of Ohio.

July 25: The Republic of Tunisia was proclaimed.

July 29: The International Atomic Energy Agency was established.

65 Years (1952)

July 03: The American passenger liner SS United States set sail on her maiden voyage.

July 23: Egyptian Revolution: King Farouk I of Egypt was overthrown and forced to abdicate (on 26th July) in favour of his infant son, in a military coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser.

70 Years (1947)

July 01: The Philippine Air Force is established

July 02: In a referendum, the citizens of the Northwest Frontier Province votes to join Pakistan rather than India.

80 Years (1937)

July 02: Death of Amelia Earhart, American aviation pioneer. The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. (Disappeared over the Pacific on this date, along with her navigator, Fred Noonan.)

100 years (1917)

July 08: Death of Tom Thomson, influential Canadian landscape artist.

125 Years (1892)

July 05: African American inventor Andrew Jackson Beard was granted a US patent for his rotary steam engine.

July 18: Death of Thomas Cook, pioneering British travel agent. Founder of Thomas Cook & Son.

July 26: Dadabhai Naoroji becomes Britain’s first Asian Member of Parliament.

150 years (1867)

July 01: The Dominion of Canada is established when the British North America Act came into effect.

July 05: Birth of A. E. Douglass, American astronomer and archaeologist.

250 years (1767)

July 03: Norway’s oldest newspaper still in circulation, Adresseavisen, is first published.


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