SND38 Individual Portfolio Winner Spotlight: Adam Vieyra

Adam Vieyra 
Senior Graphic Designer, communications
Formerly:  San Diego Union-Tribune

What was your job title at the U-T, and how long were you in that role?
I was a Page Designer at the San Diego Union-Tribune for three years.

What is your job now?
I’m a “Senior Graphic Designer” at a communications firm now. In that role, I work on a variety of projects: logos, websites, presentations, maps, infographics, etc.

When deciding on an illustration, Adam likes to sketch a few different concepts first.

What do you love about designing for print?
I love the impact and the intimacy of print. The size of the canvas and the proximity of it to the reader’s face lets print design convey ideas and emotions in a way that’s difficult to do in other formats.

How do you decide on a concept for an illustration?
I’ll brainstorm—either on my own or in a group—until I have a few solid pencil sketches of a few different concepts. From there the decision comes down to making an impact, telling the story and setting the right tone.

Of the six pieces in your portfolio, which is your favorite? What do you love about it?
My cover for Anders Wright’s review of “Eye in the Sky.” The review focused on an ethical dilemma that comes up in the movie, and I think my illustration did a good job communicating that. I also like that the page didn’t come out fully formed. I had what I felt was a strong concept early on, but it took some experimentation with color and texture to make it work on the page.

What is the most important step in your design process?
The beginning: research, brainstorming and sketching.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I subscribe to some well-designed magazines and newspapers, and I visit Pinterest and just about every day. I also try to get out to art shows every once in awhile.

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