SND newsletter: The designer’s health issue

SND newsletter is ready! This edition we talk about the most important value in your career and life – your health. 

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If you have a good health, the sky is the limit; as they say health is wealth. Of course, no exaggeration, but the combination of physical exercises and a healthy food intake will put you in a good shape.

Some great designers from the industry share how their sport activities and positive attitude thought them in their lives.

Ready for Charlotte workshop 2017? The conference is just some days ahead and it’s a great time to meet old, new friends and update ourselves with what’s happening in the industry. 

You will also find in this edition an interview with Javier Errea, about Malofiej 25 years, regional news, design books released and much more.

Take a time to check it and any contribution for the next edition is welcome: [email protected]

About Douglas Okasaki

is 2017 President of the Society for News Design and senior designer of Gulf News


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