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5 Years (2012)

April 01: Aung San Suu Kyi wins a seat at the lower house of the Burmese parliament under her opposition party, the National League for Democracy.

April 02: 31 People are died after a Russian Jet UTair crashed and burst in to flames moments after take-off.

April 09: Facebook acquire Instagram, an app that combines photography and social networking, for $1 billion.

April 20: The Bhoja Air flight from Karachi burst into flames and crashes near Islamabad killing all 127 passenger and crew.


10 Years (2007)

April 16: Virginia Tech shooting, Blacksburg, Virginia, US. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior student diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others.

April 23: Death of Boris Yeltsin, President of Russia.

April 25: Death of Alan Ball, British footballer. The youngest member of England’s 1966 World Cup-winning team.

April 25: Death of Arthur Milton, British footballer and cricketer. The last man to play for England at a national level in both sports.

April 26: AIceland and Norway sign an agreement to co-operate on security and defense


15 Years (2002)

April 04: The Angolan Civil War ends after 26 years. MPLA victory.

April 26: Erfurt school massacre, Germany. 19-year-old expelled student Robert Steinhäuser returned to his school with a gun and shot dead 13 members of staff, 2 students and a police officer. He then committed suicide.


20 Years (1997)

April 10: Britain’s National Trust ban deer-hunting on its land.

April 13: American golfer Tiger Woods, aged 21, becomes the youngest player to win the US Masters championship.

April 21: Inder Kumar Gujral becomes Prime Minister of India following H. D. Deve Gowda’s resignation after losing a vote of confidence


25 Years (1992)

April 02: Pierre Bérégovoy becomes Prime Minister of France.

April 06: Microsoft releases its Windows 3.1 graphical operating environment.

April 06: Death of Isaac Asimov, prolific Russian-born American writer and biochemist.

April 07: The European Community and the USA recognised the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

April 08: American tennis star Arthur Ashe announced that he had AIDS, acquired from a blood transfusion during heart surgery.

April 09: Former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega was convicted of drug trafficking, racketeering and money laundering at a court in Miami, Florida, US.

April 09: Sali Berisha became President of Albania.

April 10: Baltic Exchange bombing, 30 St. Mary Axe, London. A one-ton IRA truck bomb exploded outside the Baltic Exchange, destroying part of the façade and damaging the rest of the building and surrounding buildings.

April 12: Disneyland Paris (formerly known as Euro Disney) opens in France.

April 15: A massive fire breaks out in a tent city of Mina near Makkah, Saudi Arabia during an annual pilgrimage. 343 people were killed and over 1,300 injured.

April 16: The President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Najibullah, is forced to resign as his regime collapsed.

April 22: A series of gas explosions in the sewer system in Guadalajara, Mexico killed 206 people, injured hundreds and left 15,000 homeless.

April 23: The world’s largest McDonald’s fast-food restaurant opens in Beijing, China.

April 23: Death of Satyajit Ray, Indian film director, writer and illustrator.

April 27: Betty Boothroyd becomes the first female Speaker of Britain’s House of Commons.

April 29: Lithuania becomes the first former Soviet republic to join the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


30 Years (1987)

April 11: The London Agreement is signed by King Hussein of Jordan and Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Shimon Peres.


40 Years (1977)

April 02: British race horse Red Rum win the Grand National for a historic third time. It is considered one of the greatest moments in sporting history, and the record still stands today.

April 18: American writer Alex Haley was awarded a special Pulitzer Prize for his book Roots.


50 Years (1967)

April 01: The United States Department of Transportation begin operating.

April 04: Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. give a famous speech in which he stated his opposition to the Vietnam War. The speech Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence was delivered at the Riverside Church in New York City.

April 07: Israel invade Syria – one of the key events that led to the Six-Day War in June.

April 08: The United Kingdom wins the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, with the song Puppet on a String sung by Sandie Shaw.

April 09: The Boeing 737 made its first flight. It went into service in February 1968 and became the world’s best-selling jet airliner.

April 13: Death of Luis Somoza Debayle, President of Nicaragua.


60 Years (1957)

April 06: Olympic Airlines is founded in Greece (as Olympic Airways) by shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

April 15: White Rock, British Columbia, Canada is incorporated as a new city after splitting from Surrey.

April 24: The Suez Canal fully reopen to shipping following the Suez Crisis of October – November 1956.


70 Years (1947)

April 01: Death of King George II of Greece. Succeeded by his brother Paul.

April 06: The first Tony Awards are presented, at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, New York City, US.

April 07: Death of Henry Ford, American industrialist, car manufacturer and inventor. Founder of the Ford Motor Company.

April 16: Texas City disaster. A French freighter loaded with fertiliser exploded in Texas City harbour, Texas, US, killing 576 people and injuring 4,000.

April 20: Death of King Christian X of Denmark. Succeeded by his son Frederick IX.


75 Years (1942)

April 18: Pierre Laval became Prime Minister of France for the fourth time.

April 26: The worst mining disaster in history. An explosion at the Honkeiko (also known as Benxihu) colliery in Benxi, China killed 1,549 miners


80 Years (1937)

April 12: British aviation engineer Frank Whittle ground-tested the first jet engine.

April 26: Spanish Civil War: German planes bombed the Basque town of Guernica.

April 26: The worst mining disaster in history. An explosion at the Honkeiko (also known as Benxihu) colliery in Benxi, China killed 1,549 miners.

April 27: The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London opens.


90 Years (1927)

April 07: AT&T give the first public demonstration of its prototype long-distance videophone service (then known as the picture telephone).

April 12: Shanghai massacre Republic of China. Communist Party organisations in Shanghai are violently suppressed by Chiang Kai-shek’s military forces and conservative elements of the Chinese Nationalist Party


100 years (1917)

April 01: The Danish West Indies are officially transferred to the USA and renamed the United States Virgin Islands, after the USA purchased them from Denmark for $25 million.

April 06: World War I: the USA declared war on Germany and entered the war.

April 16: Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia after 17 years in exile in Siberia and Western Europe.


125 Years (1892)

April 12: The first use of voting machines in the US, at a municipal election in Lockport, New York

April 12: The first truly portable typewriter, the Blickensderfer typewriter, is patented by George Blickensderfer of Stamford, Connecticut, US.

April 13: Birth of Sir Robert Watson-Watt, Scottish physicist who developed radar.

April 15: General Electric is founded in the USA when the Edison General Electric Company and the Thomson-Houston Company merged


150 years (1867)

April 01: The first municipal election in the US in which blacks are eligible to vote is held in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

April 01: The International Exhibition (World’s Fair) of 1867 is held in Paris, France. There were more than 50,000 exhibitors, and more than 9 million people visited it. (till Oct 31)

April 07: Johnson C. Smith University is established in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

April 16: Birth of Wilbur Wright, American aviation pioneer (Wright brothers) who achieved the first powered, sustained and controlled plane flight.

April 25: Tokyo, Japan is opened for foreign trade following a request by the new emperor, Meiji.


250 Years (1767)

April 07: The Burmese–Siamese War ended. Burmese victory which ended the Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya.








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