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The fourteen infographics experts that form the jury of the 25th Edition of the Malofiej Awards will have to choose, between Sunday March 26th and Wednesday March 29th, which are the best pieces of work among the 1,334 entries submitted to competition. In the categories of printed graphics 750 entries have been submitted, 14% more than the previous year, and in the online categories the jury will have to choose between 584 pieces of work. The entries come from 134 media located in 31 countries around the world.

This year’s winners will be announced on Friday, March 31th, during the closing dinner and award ceremony that will be held in the School of Communication of the University of Navarra. In addition to gold, silver and bronze medals, jury members will have to choose the Best of Show Award to the best piece of work submitted to competition, Miguel Urabayen Award to the Best Map and the best Climate Change and Environmental Commitment graphic, best Human Rights graphic and Equality and Woman’s Promotion graphic. All of them in both printed and online categories.

This jury is formed by Michael Brenner, from Beyond Words Studio in London (UK), Anna Flagg, data journalist at The Marshall Project (USA); Tom Giratikanon, Graphics Editor at The New York Times (USA); Hiram Henriquez, president of H2H Graphics&Design and Professor at the University of Miami (USA); Nathaniel Lash, journalist at the Tampa Bay Times (USA); Alberto Lucas, Senior Graphics Editor at National Geographic (USA); Isabel Meirelles, from OCAD University in Toronto (Canada); Claus Nørregaard, from Politiken (Denmark); Ramón Salaverría, Professor at the University of Navarra (Spain); Petri Salmén, from the Helsingin Sanomat (Finland); Jon Schwabish, editor at PolicyViz (USA); Sarah Slobin, Things Editor at Quartz (USA); José Roberto de Toledo, from O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper (Brazil); and Javier Zarrazina from (USA).

Pamplona, the Infographics capital of the world

Pamplona becomes for a week the Infographics capital of the world and brings together the best from Infographics activity from the principal media (newspapers, magazines, agencies) from all over the world. More than 150 professionals meet up at the Infographics World Summit that will begin next Wednesday 29th of March at 7:30 pm at the Constable’s Palace (located in Calle Mayor 2, Pamplona). The sessions will be held at the School of Communication on Thursday and Friday with an intensive program, which includes internationally renowned speakers such as Julius Wiedemann, executive editor at Taschen, Rob Bieling, CEO at MapCreator (the Netherlands), Pablo Loscri, Head of Graphics at Argentinian newspaper La Nación, who won Best of Show in Malofiej’s last edition, and Mariano Zafra, Infographics and Digital Visualization director at Univision (USA), all of them who will join the jury as speakers.

Before the Infographics World Summit, participants from the professional workshop “Show, Don’t Tell!” have the opportunity to work hand by hand with three of the best graphics artists in the world: John Grimwade, who is now a Professor at Ohio University, Fernando G. Baptista, Senior Graphics Editor at National Geographic, and Xaquín González, former editor at Guardian Visuals. Each of them will run a workshop with a specific topic and methodology. The program includes practical work and sessions in common for the three groups.

This year Malofiej offers for the first time an infographics practical workshop for university students. It will be taught by Michael Stoll, Professor at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany). The program is a result of a collaboration agreement between this university and the School of Communication from the University of Navarra on the occasion of Malofiej’s 25th anniversary.

Javier Errea, SNDE President and Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero
, President at the University of Navarra at Pamplona infográfica

At Street level

Simultaneously, during the month of March in the Constable’s Palace, in the old quarter of the city, there will be a monographic exposition entitled “Pamplona infográfica.” It includes 25 panels of a wide-format which, through statistics and visualizations, portray the city of Pamplona. Politics, economics, sports, meteorology, immigration, gastronomy, exports, women, traffic, sexual habits… to provide an original portrayal of what has been conceived, carried out and produced by Errea Comunicación for the SND-E and the University of Navarra. Besides the 25 specific panels depicting the city, which are hanging in the courtyard in the entrance, in the other rooms of the building, other visualizations are shown. These visualizations, drawn up since 2010, depict procurement activities and water sanitization, the collection and recycling of waste, public transport and other projects run by the Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona. The exposition will include a catalogue which can be bought.

Reference Book

As is done every year, during the opening of the Infographics World Summit, the annual Malofiej volume will be presented. The book collects last year’s winners as well as essays, articles and interviews. The volume features Kat Downs, Graphics Director at The Washington Post; Lena Groeger, from ProPublica (USA); Mariano Zafra, who shows the creation and consolidation of a multiplatform group in Univision; Chiqui Esteban, who writes about election coverage in the United States and its consequences; Xabier Díaz de Cerio, from Fábrica de Ideas (Peru); Hiram Henríquez, who approaches the reawaken of illustrated infographics; and Miguel Urabayen, with a historical outline about Robert Chapin maps in Time Magazine.

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It’s been 25 years since Malofiej’s creation in 1993 and many things have happened. Infographics has also changed a lot. The field that revolutionized the newspapers, firstly, and the digital media has evolved just as fast as the technology itself. For this reason, we have asked professionals throughout the world for an analysis of this evolution and for a prognosis of where they want things to go over the next few years. This is what this is: “Past, Present, Future. 25 Years of Information Graphics,” a book that brings together the introductions written by Alberto Cairo and Isabel Meirelles, 35 essays and everything from the Best of Show conceded in Malofiej over the year. It will be presented in March 29th.

Origin of the media that have submitted entries to competition

USA, 26; Germany, 14; Spain, 12; Brazil, 10; UK, 7; Finland, 7; Italy, 7; Mexico, 7; Argentina, 5; Portugal, 4; Switzerland, 4; Colombia, 3; Russia, 3; Chile, 2; China, 2; Guatemala, 2; India, 2; Norway, 2; Oman, 2; Peru, 2; Belarus, 1; Denmark, 1; Ecuador, 1; UAE, 1; Slovenia, 1; France, 1; the Netherlands, 1; Hungary, 1; Czech Republic, 1; Singapore, 1; Japan, 1.

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