Introducing SNDCampus


What is SNDCampus?

SNDCampus is the latest endeavor within the Society of News Design for our student members by our student members. A meeting place. A community. A blog for those who want to stay informed about what’s going on in both the collegiate and professional design worlds, get advice from seasoned vets and connect with peers. The editorial team at SNDCampus is devoted to hearing and publishing your stories and to help you succeed. Visit our blog for more:

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How can I contribute to SNDCampus?

We are currently looking for regular contributors who can make a four month commitment (you’re welcome to stay on longer). As a student correspondent, you will be expected to pitch, write and publish articles relating to topics in the ever-changing field of news design (i.e. illustration, graphics, news apps, cross-team collaboration, print design, data visualization, etc.)
You’ll be able to build your writing portfolio, gain exposure and speak with industry professionals. You will learn about more news design opportunities as well as meet fellow students who share your passion. You can apply by filling out this form.

I’m not a student, can I contribute to SNDCampus?

Of course! We’re always looking for volunteers to join our team. Feel free to reach out to our editors [email protected]

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