FREE March 2017 calendar wallpaper + anniversaries and events

March is only starting and Society for News Design provides a calendar of events happening this month.

“The best that you can do” is the 2017 SND Year-Long Conversation to provide incentive and help designers worldwide to improve themselves, be more creative and to do their best designs in print and online, by thinking in advance some exciting projects and share them with SND community.

Any opportunity in the design department should be taken as a challenge for us to overcome our limits and to do our best and be more creative. Nowadays it is a great privilege to have a space in print or online where you can show your design and you should not lose this chance.

Download the March 2017 SND wallpaper created by Ellen Weinstein (@eweinsteinilloz), or download the 2017 full SND Calendar with the most important events of the year and of course SND events.

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SND March events 2017:

04 to 08 March 2017: The Best of Scandinavia News Design judging in Copenhagen

26 to 31 March 2017: Infographic World Summit– Pamplona, Spain

⇒Unite & Rebel, a creative conference focused on innovation, risk-taking and team building in media hosted by the Society for News Design. Join us April 19–21 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Register here: –  All speakers here

March 2017 events:

01 MAR.

-Zero Discrimination Day

-70th anniversary of the International Monetary Fund began operating

02 MAR.

-30th anniversary of Apple released the Macintosh II personal computer – the first Apple computer to feature colour graphics

-25th anniversary of following former Soviet republics joined the United Na­tions: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turk­menistan and Uzbekistan. San Marino also joined on that date

-Morocco Independence Day

03 MAR.

-Bulgaria Liberation Day u World Wildlife Day

03-04 MAR.

-ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi

04 MAR.

-60th anniversary of the Stan­dard & Poor 500 stock market index (commonly known as the S&P 500) was introduced.

06 MAR.

-Ghana 60th Independence Day (Gold Coast declares independence from the UK and change the name to Ghana)

07 MAR.

-100th anniversary of the world’s first jazz record released: Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jass Band. (The spelling of jass was changed to jazz later that year.)

08 MAR.

-International Women’s Day

– 300th death anniversary of Abraham Darby, British ironmaster. The first person to smelt iron using coke rather than charcoal – a major step forward in the production of iron for the Industrial Revolution. U.K.

– 100th anniversary of the New York Stock Exchange was founded

09 MAR.

-175th anniversary of the first documented discovery of gold in Cali­fornia, USA – at Rancho San Francisco. This led to a small gold rush, with about 2,000 people coming to mine gold

– 30th anniversary of the album The Joshua Tree by the Irish rock band U2 released

9-22 MAR.

-Baseball World Baseball Classic

10 MAR.

-150th birth anniversary of Lillian Wald, pioneering American nurse and social worker. Regarded as the founder of American community nursing. Founder of the Henry Street Settlement in New York City.

11-21 MAR.

-90th anniversary of the Roxy Theater opened on West 50th Street, New York City

12 MAR.

-25th anniversary of Mauritius becomes a republic. Governor General Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo served as interim President until an election was held in June

14-24 MAR.

-Multi-sports Special Olympics World Winter Games

16 MAR.

-60th anniversary of the Suez Crisis: Israel withdrew the last of its forces from the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

16-18 MAR.

-Dubai International Kite Festival 2017

17 MAR.

-Saint Patrick’s Day Ireland

20 MAR.

-Vernal Equinox

-Tunisia Independence Day

-International Day of Happiness

21 MAR. International Day for the Elimi­nation of Racial Discrimination

-World Poetry Day

-International Day of Nowruz Global u World down Syndrome Day Global u International Day of Forest and the Tree

-Mother’s Day

22 MAR.

-World Water Day Global u World Meteorological Day

-Pakistan National Day General 23-26 MAR. Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2017

24 MAR.

-World Tuberculosis Day Global

-International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims

25 MAR.

-International Day of Remem­brance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

-International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members

-Earth Hour at 8.30pm to 9.30pm

-Horse Racing – Dubai World Cup

26 MAR.

-Bangladesh Independence Day

27 MAR.

-Easter Sunday

-40th remembrance of the Tenerife airport disaster. Two Boeing 747 jumbo jets collided on the runway in heavy fog. 583 people were killed – the deadliest accident in aviation history

Anniversaries during the month of March 2017:

1 Year (2016)

March 02: The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) declare Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation.

March 03: Former Kiwi greatest cricketer and captain Martin Crowe died of cancer aged 53.

March 04: Brazil police detain ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in corruption probe.

March 05: Fifa approves testing of video assistance technology for referees.

March 06: Iran’s billionaire tycoon Babak Zanjani sentenced to death for corruption.

March 07: Tennis star Maria Sharapova announces that she failed a drug test at the Australian Open.

March 09: “Fifth Beatle” George Martin dies at 90.

March 11: Arab League labels Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation.

March 13: A car bomb ripped through a busy square in central Ankara, killing at least 27 people and wounding 75, the latest in a spate of attacks to hit Turkey.

March 14: Russian President Vladimir Putin orders the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria.

March 16: Frank Sinatra Jr dies unexpectedly of cardiac arrest in Florida.

March 19: All 62 people aboard a flydubai jet from Dubai to southern Russia were killed when their plane crashed on its second attempt to land at Rostov-on-Don airport.

March 20: Sharjah has been declared the Capital of Arab Press 2016 during the opening of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF).

March 24: UN court finds Radovan Karadzic guilty of genocide, sentences him to 40 years in prison.

March 24: Football legend Johan Cryuff dies at 68.

March 26: American horse California Chrome, ridden by Victor Espinoza and trained by Art Sherman, wins Dubai World Cup race at Meydan.

March 27: A newly-formed Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition holds first meeting in Riyadh, pledge to reinforce their fight against terrorism, and to dry up terrorists’ resources.

March 28: A major fire erupts a 26-storey high-rise residential tower complex in Al Swan, Ajman, more than 350 people are evacuated.

March 29: A lone hijacker Saif Al Deen Mustafa is arrested in Cyprus after he hijacked EgyptAir flight 181 from Alexandria to Cairo.

March 30: Htin Kyaw sworn in as president of Myanmar.

March 31: A flyover under contruction in Kolkata collapsed killing atleast 25 people with dozens feared trapped under the debris.


2 Years (2015)

March 09: Making aviation and scientific history, Solar Impulse 2 took off from Abu Dhabi morning, beginning its five-month journey around the world.

March 12: At least 25 people died in Russian shopping centre fire in the city of Kazan.

March 12: British author Terry Pratchett dies at 66 after battle with Alzheimer’s.

March 15: Fifteen people, died when two suicide bombers attacked two churches in Youhanabad, Pakistan, while Lent Sunday services were being held.

March 18: Attackers opened fire at a National Bardo Museum in Tunisia’s capital, gunning down 18 tourists.

March 23: Singapore mourned the death of Lee Kuan Yew the first prime minister who transformed the state into wealthy finance and trading powerhouse.

March 29: Australia win the ICC World Cup 2015 trophy after beating New Zealand in final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

March 31: Muhammadu Buhari is elected president of Nigeria, defeating the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.


5 Years (2012)

March 03: Swiss Roger Federed wins the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, beating British Andy Murray in the finals.

March 14: A Swiss tour bus slam into a tunnel wall killing 22 Belgian children returning from thie ski trip in the Swiss Alps.

March 17: The 300-bed Saudi-German Hospital, the largest private hospital in the region, opens in Dubai.

March 19: A suspected serial killer shot dead three children and a teacher at a Jewish school in France.


10 Years (2007)

March 06: Emirates Bank International (EBI) and National Bank of Dubai (NBD) will merge to create one of the Middle East’s largest banks with assets of Dh165 billion.

March 15: The launch of XPRESS newspaper published by Al Nisr Publishing LLC.

March 18: Bob Woolmer, Indian-born British cricketer, commentator and Pakistani cricket team coach dies in Jamaica, just a few hours after the Pakistan team’s unexpected elimination at the hands of Ireland in the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

March 31: The first Earth Hour was held in Sydney, Australia.


15 Years (2002)

March 03: In a referendum the citizens of Switzerland voted to join the United Nations, ending nearly 200 years of neutrality.

March 14: Microsoft’s Xbox video game console was released in Europe and Australia.

March 18: Burger King became the first fast-food chain to sell veggie burgers on a nationwide basis in the US.

March 19: Zimbabwe was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations on charges of electoral fraud.

March 25: An earthquake in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan killed approximately 1,000 people and left thousands homeless.


20 Years (1997)

March 03: Sky Tower opened in Auckland, New Zealand. At 328 metres (1,076 feet) tall, it is currently the tallest free-standing manmade structure in the southern hemisphere.

March 05: Representatives from North Korea and South Korea met for the first time in 25 years, at peace talks in the US.

March 06: Queen Elizabeth II launched the official Royal website:

March 06: The first Webby Awards ceremony was held, in San Francisco, California, US. The awards celebrate excellence on the internet.

March 12: Susie Maroney of Australia became the first woman to swim the Florida Straits – 112 miles (180 km) from Cuba to Key West, Florida.


25 Years (1992)

March 02: The following former Soviet republics joined the United Nations: Armenia,

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. San Marino also joined on that date.

March 03: Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia following a referendum held on 29th February and 1st March.

March 07: The first women priests were ordained in the Anglican Church of Australia.

March 12: Mauritius became a republic. Governor-General Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo served as interim President until an election was held in June.

March 17: In a referendum the people of South Africa voted to back political reform and end apartheid.

March 17: A Hezbollah car bomb exploded at the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 29 people were killed and 242 injured.

March 17: Russia launched its Soyuz TM-14 spacecraft with a crew of 3 to the Mir space station – the first Soyuz mission since the Soviet Union collapsed.

March 19: Buckingham Palace announced the separation of the Duke and Duchess of York – Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

March 22: USAir Flight 405 crashed shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. 27 people were killed.

March 25: Soviet cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returned to Earth after spending 10 months on the Mir space station.

March 31: The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Libya after it failed to accept responsibility for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

March 31: The U.S. Navy’s last battleship, USS Missouri, was decommissioned. It is now a  museum/memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


30 Years (1987)

March 02: Apple released the Macintosh II personal computer – the first Apple computer to feature colour graphics.

March 04: In a nationally televised address, U.S. President Ronald Reagan accepted full responsibility for the Iran–Contra scandal and admitted making mistakes.

March 06: The British ferry Herald of Free Enterprise capsized off Zeebrugge, Belgium after it set sail with its bow doors open. 193 people were killed.

March 09: The album The Joshua Tree by the Irish rock band U2 was released.

March 12: The musical Les Miserables opened on Broadway.

40 Years (1977)

March 27: Tenerife airport disaster, Canary Islands. Two Boeing 747 jumbo jets collided on the runway in heavy fog. 583 people were killed – the deadliest accident in aviation history.


50 Years (1967)

March 06: Death of John Haden Badley, British educator and writer. Founder of Bedales School.

March 06: Death of Nelson Eddy, American baritone singer and actor. A crossover star of both opera and film musicals.

March 06: The first North Sea gas was pumped ashore at Easington in County Durham, England.

March 31: NATO’s new headquarters building opened near Mons, Belgium.

March 31: American rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix set fire to his electric guitar on stage during a legendary performance at the London Astoria.


60 Years (1957)

March 04: The Standard & Poor 500 stock market index (commonly known as the S&P 500) was introduced.

March 06: The Gold Coast declared its independence from the UK and changed its name to Ghana.

March 08: Ghana joined the United Nations.

March 16: Suez Crisis: Israel withdrew the last of its forces from the Sinai Peninsula.

March 17: Death of Ramon Magsaysay, President of the Philippines.


70 Years (1947)

March 01: The International Monetary Fund began operating.

March 14: The Philippines–US Military Bases Agreement was signed, allowing the US to lease military bases in the Philippines for 99 years.


75 Years (1942)

March 14: The first successful use of penicillin to treat a patient.

March 16: The first test of a German V-2 rocket – the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile.

March 19: The Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) is established in the US.

March 27: Capitol Records was established in Los Angeles, California, US.


80 Years (1937)

March 11: Death of Joseph S. Cullinan, American oil industrialist. Founder of Texaco.

March 15: The first blood bank in the USA was established by Bernard Fantus at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. (The world’s first blood bank was established in the Soviet Union in 1930.)


90 Years (1927)

March 11: The world’s first armoured car (security van) robbery. The Flathead Gang (also known as the Flatheads) stole over $104,000 (£66,000) from an armoured car near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA after placing a landmine in the road.

March 11: The Roxy Theater opened on West 50th Street, New York City, US.


100 years (1917)

March 01: Birth of Robert Lowell, Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet.

March 04: Jeannette Rankin from Montana took office as the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress.

March 07: The world’s first jazz record was released: Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jass Band.

March 13: The Russian newspaper Izvestia (meaning: News) was founded.

March 15: Russian Revolution: Prince Georgy Lvov became the first Minister-Chairman of the Russian Provisional Government.


150 years (1867)

March 01: Nebraska becomes the 37th state of the US.

March 03: The Tenure of Office Act comes into effect in the USA (over President

Andrew Johnson’s veto).

March 11: Verdi’s opera Don Carlos was performed for the first time, in Paris, France.


175 Years (1842)

March 09: The first documented discovery of gold in California, USA – at Rancho San

Francisco. This led to a small gold rush, with about 2,000 people coming to mine gold.

March 09: Verdi’s opera Nabucco was performed for the first time, at La Scala in

Milan, Italy.


200 Years (1817)

March 04: James Monroe was inaugurated as the 5th President of the United States. He was the last president who was also a founding father.

March 08: The New York Stock Exchange was founded.


250 Years (1767)

March 07: Death of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, French Canadian explorer

and colonist. Governor of Louisiana. Founder of New Orleans.

March 15: Birth of Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States.


300 Years (1717)

March 02: The first ballet to be performed in England: The Loves of Mars and Venus by

John Weaver, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.

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