SND38: Entries for World’s Best-Designed Newspaper narrowed down to 22

The World’s Best judges are hard at working narrowing down more than 170 entries in the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper category. Entries are evaluated on writing, visual storytelling, use of resources, execution, photography, headlines and “voice” – as well as overall design.

The judge’s are currently on their second round of sorting and have narrowed the entries down to the top 22 papers. They are:

1A: Daily newspapers, circulation 175,00 and over

The Guardian; The Boston Globe; The Washington Post; Dagens Nyheter; The New York Times

1B: Daily newspapers, circulation 75,000-174,999

Excelsior; Omaha World Herald; La Nacion; National Post; Politiken

1C: Daily newspapers, circulation 25,000-74,999

Karjalainen; Publico; Het Parool; The Villages Daily Sun

1D: Daily newspapers, circulation 24,999 and under

El Telegrafo

1E: Non-daily newspaper, circulation 175,000 and over

Die Zeit; Welt am Sonntag

1F: Non-daily newspaper, circulation 75,000-174,999

WeMedia01, Expresso

1G: Non-daily newspaper, circulation 25,000-74,999


1H: Non-daily newspaper, circulation 24,999 and under

North State Journal, der Freitag

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