SND38: Announcing the 12 finalists for World’s Best-Designed Newspaper

The five World’s Best judges have narrowed down more than 170 entries to the final 12. Entries are evaluated on writing, visual storytelling, use of resources, execution, photography, headlines and “voice” – as well as overall design.

The World’s Best Designed Newspaper/s will be announced on April 21 at SND’s annual workshop. Until then, congratulate the finalists:

In no particular order, with comments from the judges

North State Journal, Raleigh, North Carolina

This newspaper is ambitious. Beautiful typography in the nameplate and page folios. Shows a great commitment to photography. Takes advantage of the vertical space. Great color palette that’s perfect for the community and geography.

Der Freitag, Berlin, Germany

Each issue takes a topic and explores in depth throughout. A refreshing idea for news presentation. Nice pace to the paper, with moments of fun throughout. Every page feels like it has received attention. It’s confident and consistent with a personality, someone a reader really wants to know. The design is restrained but has surprises.

Politico Europe, Brussels, Belgium

Crisp with quiet authority. Subject matter is dense but design is breezy. Visually it’s very strong and has well-executed typography that helps visuals be the star. The editing of photos and use of illustration are commendable.

WeMedia01, Hong Kong

Beautiful but newsy. The identity is very clear. The package of different page-size formats really adds to a very high quality and rich experience. Photos, graphics and illustrations work together in a new way. The type feels disciplined. Goes to the border of active but doesn’t cross it.

Público, Lisbon, Portugal

Elegant and energetic. Pages have balance and contrast with various sized elements. Even the most basic charts are elevated by clean, bold colors. They care about the different levels of information. Typography is beautiful and the use of color is sophisticated.

Het Parool, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Creative. Lots of strong illustration. It takes magazine techniques and filters them through a news context. It’s bold and aggressive but not in a threatening way. They have a great sense of personality that keeps pulling you through.

The Villages Daily Sun, The Villages, Florida

A playful warm paper that knows its audience well. It takes full advantage of the newspaper format. The presentation involves and engages the readers constantly. Can take a light or serious toned topic and treat it with equal measure.

Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s big, bold and absolutely fearless. Their use of and commitment to photography and illustration is remarkable. The design is so well thought out that its base is almost invisible. It’s exceedingly smart and its content shines.

The Guardian, London

They have their own clear design DNA but know when to go in a different direction. Have a great understanding on how to use color but keep its use controlled. Thoughtful at using different formats to create an engaging design.

The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

The quintessential American newspaper. The commissioning and art direction of illustration is extraordinary. Their information graphics are a benchmark for newspapers. A lot of self confidence and great use of photography. You feel the quality. It’s authoritative and established yet doesn’t speak down to readers.

Die Zeit, Hamburg, Germany

Clever and witty. They may break their rules but never their style. Brilliant photo editing, brilliant art direction, brilliant design and brilliant craft. They try harder.

The New York Times, New York

Timeless and classic with headlines and visuals that propel the story forward. A very high quality package, they have a mastery of every visual tool. Their graphics are un-eclipsed by anyone else in the industry. When they are on, they’re absolutely on. The inside pages are really where they shine.

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