Judging Begins in Best of Digital Competition, 2016 Edition

The Best of Digital Competition judging is underway at the Medill News Service facility in Washington, D.C. Judges began the morning with brief introductions and a review of rules. From there, judges broke into teams and began to work.

More than 1,000 entries were received for this year’s competition, the largest volume of entries to date.

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This year’s judges, and the general categories they are judging, are below.

– Alyson Hurt (NPR – @alykat)
– Douglas Okasaki (Gulf News – @dokasaki)
– Josh Penrod (Minneapolis Star Tribune – @teampenrod)

– Jessica Yu (@UjessU)
– Mariana Santos (@marysaints)
– Martin Kotynek (Die Zeit – @martin_k)
– Kat Downs (WaPo – @katdowns)

– Jessica Gilbert (McClatchy – @jessicapgilbert)
– Bethany Powell (National Geographic – @b_p_james)
– Javier Zarracina (Vox – @JZarracina)

– Allison McCann (Vice – @atmccann)
– Hannah Fairfield (NYTimes – @hfairfield)
– Xaquín G.V. (@xocasgv)

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