Best of Digital: Wall Street Journal wins Gold for election feed

The Wall Street Journal won Gold for its innovative ‘Red Feed, Blue Feed’ chronicle of the left-right split in the United States.

Category: Features: Single-subject project
Title: Red Feed, Blue Feed

Comments: “The Wall Street Journal blew our mind in how brilliantly simple this piece was. It’s an important story told in a perfect way. People talk about political bubbles conceptually, but they actually went out and made it into something that shows it exists. The piece provides utility and continues to do its job after the election. The design isn’t mindblowing, but it doesn’t need to be. However, the powerful simplicity of the idea is mindblowing. No tricks, no gimmicks, no videos, no maps. It’s something that’s in front of us that’s juxtaposed. Every time we look at it, we think, “That’s it. That’s the future.”

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Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.

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