Welcome new board members: Aviva Loeb and Greicy Mella

The Society for News Design officers and board members are happy to welcome two new appointments: Aviva Loeb as Membership Director and Greicy Mella as SND.org editor.

Aviva is a designer for the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, Ariz. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2015. Aviva previously interned with San Diego Magazine and the Jerusalem Post. Aviva discovered her passion for publication design in high school, where she worked on the yearbook. She received the SND scholarship in 2015 and an SND travel grant in 2014.

Greicy is currently a designer at the New York Daily News. Prior to that she designed at several New York City newspapers, served as an art director at the National Enquirer and a layout artist at HAMPTONS and GOTHAM magazines. She received scholarships to attend SNDMakes in Austin and Chicago. After her prototyping experience at Makes, she went on to complete a module in UX Design at General Assembly as well as JavaScript and other coding languages.

As Membership Director, Aviva will oversee the strategy and plans for retention of current members and future growth.

As SND.org editor, Greicy will coordinate and create content for the website.

“Aviva and Greicy joined the board at a good time,” said Douglas Okasaki, Society for News Design president. “This is a time of changes for SND and their volunteer work and dedication is really appreciated, they will have all our support to make it a good experience for them and SND community.”

AVIVA LOEB – Membership Director

How did you first encounter SND?

My freshman year of college I attended the College Media Advisors conference in New York City. The first session I went to was a session about Alternative Story Forms, with Stephen Komives. After the conference I emailed him and asked him for advice on breaking into the industry. He encouraged me to apply for a travel grant through SND, so in 2014 I did and got to go to Frankfurt and the rest is history!

What are you looking forward to as Membership Director.

Our members are such a diverse group, in every sense. They come from all around the world, at various stages in their careers, and design across many platforms. I want to concentrate on making membership valuable for everyone as well as expanding our outreach and marketing efforts.

Where do you look for design inspiration?

I use the SND books, Dribble and Pinterest probably as my main 3 sources and I follow a lot of other news designers on Twitter. I also spend a lot of time collaborating with my coworkers and sharing ideas, especially when it comes to thinking about more conceptual pieces.

What is one thing many people don’t know about you?

I’ve traveled to 4 continents and am eager to hit all 7.



How did you first encounter SND?

On my first day at my first newspaper job, a coworker handed me the 25th Edition of SND’s Best of Newspaper Design. The cover featured a folded newspaper in the shape of the number 2, which stuck with me then because it challenged any notion that there wasn’t room for creativity in what we did. At this point, I was a freshman that hadn’t taken any proper design classes and it felt as if the world of news design had just been opened to me. I glossed over every page in excitement. Years later, this excitement returned when I was lucky to participate in my first SNDMakes. I met so many wildly talented people and due to the nature of this type of event, we were quickly moving from introductions to brainstorming to finally creating something together. I learned a lot and I couldn’t think of a more powerful way to connect with other members.

What are some of the features you’re planning for the site?

We’re currently focusing our efforts on introducing more students to this dialogue. We both know from experience how much young designers and journalists benefit from all of SND’s offerings. Therefore we’re currently recruiting a small team of volunteers to work with us in launching our first initiative, SNDCampus. It began with the idea of giving students their own space to create and consume content that fits their needs.

Where do you look for design inspiration?

It’s important for me to be aware of what’s happening in the world of design and to stay connected to my community, but I am often more affected by what’s outside of it. I like to walk away from the many screens I look at everyday to embrace physical tools and seek experiences that positively reshape my thoughts. From sketching an idea with a pencil on paper to visiting my favorite museum or listening to a motivational talk. At the end of the day I try to stay receptive, because inspiration can come from anywhere.

What is one thing many people don’t know about you?

I love music but I suspect it’s not mutual. I can’t hit the right note with my voice if my life depended on it. I’m glad it doesn’t. But I sing anyway. A lot. I tried to pick the drums back up two years ago but let’s just say it’s a tough hobby to maintain in New York City. Turns out musical talent is a prerequisite.

The SND board of directors is a global group of volunteers dedicated to growing the Society, supporting its members and advocating for the craft of news design around the world. If you’re interested in volunteering or learning more, please reach out to Executive Director Stephen Komives at [email protected]


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