Inspired by our 2017 Lifetime Achievement winners?

The list of news organizations that have hired students of our 2017 SND Lifetime Achievement Award winner is looo-ong. This list barely scratches the surface. It goes to show what an impact an educator can have.

We’d like to add you to the list if you were mentored by Darcy Greene, Cheryl Pell or Randy Stano. Add your story or message of congratulations!


      Atlanta Journal-Constitution
      Austin American Statesman
      Boston Globe
      Chicago Tribune
      Entertainment Weekly
      Miami Herald
      National Geographic
      People Magazine
      Prague Post
      San Francisco Chronicle
      Sarasota Herald-Tribune
      The Baltimore Sun
      The National in Abu Dhabi
      The New York Times
      The Philadelphia Inquirer
      The Virginian Pilot
      The Washington Post
      Time Magazine
      Wall Street Journal
      and all of the design centers

About Sara Quinn

is principle of Sara Quinn Media, the R.M Seaton Chair for Professional Journalism at Kansas State University, and immediate past president of SND.


“Randy Stano has nurtured and inspired hundreds of young journalists and media professionals throughout his distinguished career. From his tutelage, so many have gone on to make their own mark in the industry. I consider it a privilege to have had his support in developing my career — first as a professor, then as a design director and still decades later as a friend and mentor.”

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