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Last October, Roger Black and Poynter brought five well-known designers (Jared Cocken, founder of; Lucie Lacava, president of Lacava Design Inc.; Kat Downs Mulder, interactive designer and graphics director at The Washington Post; Mike Swartz, a partner at Upstatement; Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of A List Apart Magazine and studio.zeldman) to New York City to rapid-prototype the future of news design. They addressed the following questions:

What are the new models for information display? Audience engagement? Revenue? You can check out their work here.

Now these same designers will be traveling to Poynter HQ in St. Petersburg on Jan. 27 for Phase II: unveiling their ideas for creating better connections among readers, advertisers and content. Their concepts — from affordable VR storytelling to unique local media products — are based on the initial workshop in October. (You can watch the video replays here.)

The concepts include:

* A hyperpersonalized news feed model that can reach all demographics, including the elusive millennials. It’s designed to let the user control and adjust advertising and news content, and it can become the structure behind a fully dedicated VR news experience.
* An interface (with live demo) that lets you create immersive VR stories with practical examples of how to tell stories on a budget.
* A case study of how a local media organization could reinvent its relationship with its audience and rebrand as an “informational operating system” for a city. You’ll see concepts for different types of products that could be independent of traditional news settings and feature modern news, entertainment, shopping and community engagement experiences.

It’ll be a unique event, and you can register now to attend:

Cost: This daylong event in St. Petersburg, Florida, is just $50 thanks to the support of William R. Hearst III. Lunch is included in your registration.

Date: Jan. 27. Seating is limited, so Poynter encourages you to register soon.

Questions? Go to the Poynter Digital Design Challenge or email them at [email protected]

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