How we covered the ‘Brexit’ vote and its fallout

Last week, the world watched as results came in from the UK’s referendum on leaving or remaining in the European Union. In what was the largest voter turnout in over a decade, the UK voted in favor of ‘Brexit’ by a margin of 4 percent. Since the vote, the prime minister has resigned, global markets fluctuated and Scotland has resurfaced the idea of secession. Following is a sampling of coverage from Europe and the United States. (Click on images to enlarge)

The Guardian  AUTOAHfrt_1_gdn_160625_01_s_

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Online, The Guardian published a referendum live blog along with a full results and analysis interactive.

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The Economist

The Spectator


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Online, BBC’s coverage included searchable local results, an issues guide, live fact-checking and analysis.

Politico Europe

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Politico’s special section was produced in a few hours on Friday morning.

Le Monde


Untitled  Untitled

Idées was a special opinion feature published June 18 before the referendum.




Wall Street Journal

In addition to a supplement covering the results, the Wall Street Journal published an online interactive look at the economics of ‘Brexit’.


The Washington Post

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The New York Times


Bloomberg Businessweek



Berlingske wrapped their cover with a drawing by Lars Andersen.

Montgomery Advertiser

Arizona Republic

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