Best of News Design: SND37 World’s Best and Beyond

Saturday night, the Society for News Design put a bow on SND37 with the announcement of the two winners of World’s Best Designed Newspaper. February’s Best of News Design Creative Competition judging narrowed the field down to 13 finalists.

Congratulations to the two World’s Best print winners from SND37:

Die Zeit

From the judges: Sophisticated and clever while taking risks in unusual ways — It weaves the reader through a narrative and surprises them on many turns. There’s a strong and robust design direction throughout, with each part complementing each other intelligently. It doesn’t fail to surprise and delight you on so many levels. You can tell quickly what the stories are about. It’s a joy to read. But it’s humble, not boastful or loud. It makes you smirk and smile as you navigate the pages. It proves that you don’t need to shout to take risks. Remarkable details that are so creatively intelligent.


The National Post

From the judges: What a joy, like opening a gift. So many different formats and variety. It’s surprising on every turn. The typography is coherent and elegant. Even with interspersed black and white pages, the typographic palette helps to add color. The whole package complements each other. There are times when there are no words needed, the pictures say it all. Very emotional paper, peppered with fun and engaging packages. 



SND38 Print Competition Coordinator

timparksThe SND Competition Committee is honored to introduce Tim Parks as the 38th Edition Coordinator. Tim has been at the Omaha World-Herald since 2006 and has served as Deputy News and Presentation Editor for the past five years. Parks has been either a facilitator, team captain or judge at SND’s print competitions since 2010. He has also spoken at SND quick courses and helped design the 28th annual Best of News Design book. Parks was the 2009 Sports Designer of the Year. His work has been recognized by several design organizations and he has won multiple SND medals and awards.

Tim will oversee judge selection and assist the competition committee in creating the 38th Edition Call For Entries and organizing and executing the 38th judging, scheduled for February 2017. You can reach Tim with questions, concerns and judge nominations via email at tim.parks42 (at)

An announcement from the Competition Committee

SND38 judging will take place in St. Petersburg, Fla., at the St. Petersburg Coliseum, bringing to a close three decades of partnership with Syracuse University and Drumlins Country Club. The move is made with efficiency in mind, as winter travel to Syracuse, always unpredictable, has become increasingly challenging in recent years as airlines have consolidated and cut back. We will avail ourselves of access to Poynter to offer more visible training options, and we will reaffirm SND’s commitment to making students a part of judging, as parting ways with the faculty and student body in Syracuse is both a difficult and challenging decision. Details will be shared in the coming weeks, and a proper farewell to Syracuse will also be offered.

And finally, 2016 will be a major year for national and international news, and 2016 will be an important year for the society and for the Best of News Design. With increased participation in SND38, it has potential to be a banner year. Our intention is to have the Call for Entries ready early this year, to create more opportunities and avenues for entering, and we are asking members to commit to promotion, social media sharing, and generally spreading the word when the time comes.

Josh Crutchmer, on behalf of the Print Competition Committee

2016 Competition Committee members: Gayle Grin, Michael Whitley, Melissa Angle, Mike Rice, Josh Crutchmer, Vince Chiaramonte, Colin Smith, Virginia Singarayar and Andrea Zagata.


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