#SNDSF: Alyson Morris shares her 5 workshop tips

alysonmorrisSND is looking forward to welcoming journalists, innovators, students and advisors to San Francisco next month for SNDSF: Evolving our Craft. The complete schedule of speakers has just been released and you can still register for the conference here. To continue our preview of what to expect, we’ve asked a few frequent workshop attendees to share their tips for making the most out of the weekend.

Alyson Morris is design director for RedEye in Chicago and she was a judge for the features category at SND37 in February.

1. Find a roomie: It’s a great way to save a little money plus it’s an added bonus that you’ll have someone who can relate to your excitement of each day’s general awesomeness. Reaching out to past classmates is a great place to start.

2. Explore the city: You know you’ll want to, but the key is to arrive early or stay late so you don’t miss any of the fabulous speakers. Bonus: Most hotels can normally hold your luggage so you don’t have actual baggage weighing you down as you hike up that hill to get the perfect shot of the Golden Gate Bridge or iconic home from Full House.

3. Don’t be scared to go alone: Just because you might not know anyone should not be a reason to avoid attending this event. Mainly because the best part of this event is all the new people you’re going to meet. Pro tip: They are most likely there by themselves too.

4. Introduce yourself: … to everyone. This is non-negotiable. It will be the most worthwhile thing you can do. Do it during coffee breaks, karaoke, in between seminars, while you’re waiting for the next speaker to start and don’t worry if you terrible at remembering names. That’s what the name tags are for!

5. Set a coffee date: If you’re looking to get your portfolio reviewed, talk to someone that you admire, or you’re just looking to bounce ideas off another designer, this is a great place to do it. But try to set it up in advance. SND conferences are like time vortexes, one second you’re listening to the first speaker, the next you’re on a flight back home. Tweet, Facebook or email them to set up times in advance so you’ll have something in the books before the non-stop amazingness gets the best of you.

To register for the 38th Annual Workshop & Exhibition, which runs April 7-9 in San Francisco, click here. Check back at SND.org for more program updates, interviews with #SNDSF speakers and previews of what to expect at the workshop next month.

Featured photo: Carlos A. Gonzalez/San Francisco Chronicle

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