Video: SNDMakes Austin talks about their prototypes

We are excited to share the SNDMakes Austin wrap-up video from Statesman Studio on Vimeo. Video credits include editing by Jessica Gardner, interviews by Steve Dorsey and some extra special thanks to Daniel Loyd. This would not have come together without the support from Statesman Media.

Find written descriptions and links to all of the team projects from Austin at: “These 10 prototypes represent new ways to promote community” or find more from the events Indianapolis, Boston, and D.C.

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SNDMakes Austin partner:

It takes a village to program each ‘Makes’ event, and this one wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our event partner, the Austin American-Statesman, particularly we thank Steve Dorsey, Vice President of Innovation and Planning, Austin American-Statesman. Past-president, Society for News Design.

A special ‘Thank You’ to our Austin event hosts:

Alley Interactive
Vox Product

And to the SNDMakes program scholarship funders:

Knight Foundation
Dow Jones News Fund
Scripps Howard Foundation
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

The Society’s SNDMakes events are about community, not competition. Our events are not hackathons, though we do produce workable prototypes by the close of less than three days. Read our FAQs or check out some great posts from our makers such as Codepen founder Chris Coyier, Upstatement’s Mike Swartz, TheSkimm’s Dheerja Kaur, and plenty on the Vox Product team blog.

Contact us:
Find us out in the wild and follow along: #SNDMakes, Instagram, Facebook. Send us an email at sndmakes [at] gmail, or directly to:

  • Ramla Mahmood, Designer at Vox Media. SND board member and SNDMakes co-director.
  • Miranda Mulligan, Digital specialist, news design veteran, SND board member and SNDMakes co-director.
  • Kyle Ellis, Director of Strategic Programs, Society For News Design.
  • Stephen Komives, Executive Director, Society For News Design.

About SNDMakes

is a series of collaborative, prototyping events focused on digital media design and community.

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