SNDF Karaoke Night Returns At SND37!

It’s time to talk music. Very bad music, performed by your industry colleagues.

The long and short of this is, a year ago, at SND36, the SND Foundation Karaoke Night raised $4,850 — more than double its previous judging record. We cannot revert to old ways after a year like that. Whether you’re attending or following along on social media, this event has become one of the most important nights of the year for the foundation.

At SND37, the aura of being so inspiringly close to $5,000 a year ago and missing out anyway will loom large. So please play along during judging — for your own tired vocal cords, for your weary coworkers, for the hundreds of awards your outlet won, or …

You: “Don’t you DARE type it …”

Me: [starts typing anyway]

You: [diving at my keyboard] “NOOOOOOO-“


SND Foundation Director Tracy Collins explains it:

“Several students were awarded travel grants to #SNDSF because of the spirit (if not the talent) of the karaoke night participants. For a night, we’ll turn a hotel bar in Syracuse into a raucous Florida Keys tavern. And we’ll only drop the mic in spirit this time!”

Foremost, for those not in attendance, the first hour of karaoke will be available at SND’s livestream. If you can’t be there, your eyes and ears still can.

The details: Karaoke takes place on Sunday (Happy Valentine’s Day!) after the judges and facilitators get back to the hotel (around 10 p.m. Eastern) Want to challenge your boss/coworker/friend/enemy/significant other to a song? You can …

  • Tweet us. Follow @sndkaraoke on Twitter for updates throughout the night, and send us a tweet with your challenge. See if you can get some friends to join in to make it an even bigger challenge.
  • Email us. Email [email protected] with your challenge and we’ll make sure the message is received on Sunday night.

Making the donation is easy. Just go to Coming to Syracuse for judging? Just bring your cash and your singing voice on Sunday night to the hotel bar.

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