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Now is the time to register for the 24th Malofiej infographics summit, and prepare your entries for inclusion in the print or online categories. The Malofiej is hosted at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, by SND Region 14 (Spain and Mediterranean) and is referred to as the Pulitzers for infographics.

The awards, the professional workshop “Show Don’t Tell!” and the World Summit annually bring together the best news media infographers from around the world.

The details:


Malofiej Week is March 6-11, 2016. University of Navarra.


The Call for Entries is here. The deadline to submit competition entries is February 19.


Register at Early registration deadline is February 19. For SND members, registration deadline is February 26.


Three instructors are heading up the program:
John Griwmade of Ohio University, the former Conde Nast Graphics Director and our veteran.
Fernando Baptista, Senior Graphics Editor at National Geographic magazine.
Xaquin González, Head of Guardian Visuals at The Guardian in London, former Graphics artist at The New York Times.

Participants will be assigned to one of the above instructors according to preferences and availability. They will work personally with their instructors and will develop a different project within each group.


The following speakers are confirmed:
Brian Boyer. Editor NPR Visual Team, National Public Radio (Washington, USA)
Lena Groeger. Science Journalist & Designer, News Apps Developer, ProPublica (New York, USA)
Archie Tse. Deputy Graphics Editor, The New York Times (New York, USA)
Diana Yoo. Art Director, Pew Research Center (Washington, USA)
Kim Rees. Partner & Head of Data Visualization, Periscopic (Portland, USA)
Lauren James. Senior Graphics Editor, National Geographic Magazine (Washington, USA)
Len De Groot. Director of Data Visualization, Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, USA)
Simon Ducroquet. Art Editor, Nexo Jornal (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Monica Ulmanu. Visual Journalist, The Guardian (London, UK)
Maarten Lambrechts. De Tijd/L’Echo. (Brussels, Belgium)
Raúl Camañas. Graphics Artist, La Vanguardia (Barcelona, Spain)
Carlos Monteiro. Former Graphics Director, Jornal i (Lisboa, Portugal)
Ashleigh Jackson. Sport Editorial Designer, BBC (London, UK)
Maxim Gorchakov. Head of Moscow Office at Infographer (, Moscow, Russia.

And a special visit by Richard Saul Wurman. Author, architect, cartographer, teacher, urban designer, information architect, and information theorist. Founder of the TED Conference and chairman from 1984 to 2002.

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