Design Journal: There’s passion behind everything we do

Design Journal is back! [Cue the trumpets!]

We’re thrilled that the Journal has returned after a long hiatus. And cranking it back up, again, was quite the journey.

What you’ll soon be holding in your hands (if you don’t already have it by now) is a magazine that was printed in Dubai, shipped to Orlando, quickly cleared from customs and then sent out to you.

There were lots of people behind the scenes who helped to create this publication, and we are especially grateful to The Khaleej Times in Dubai for agreeing to sponsor this issue of the Journal.

Design Journal, which first appeared in 1980, was a quarterly publication packed with information about all sorts of things that fall under the umbrella of visual communication, including newspaper design, redesigns, typography, infographics, management, technology and editing.

For those of you who used to receive and read the Journal, we hope this new issue feels like an old friend has re-emerged, to be embraced once again. And for those of you who joined SND more recently, and had no idea the Journal even existed, we hope you’ll find something in this current issue that strikes a creative chord with you and makes you want to see more.

The theme of this issue? Passion. Being one of the judges at the 36th Annual SND Best of News Design Creative Competition in Syracuse this past winter, I was incredibly inspired by the excellence and talent I saw springing forth from the pages in my judging category. The passion behind all of this work was obvious — and contagious.

So when I learned, a month after the competition, that there were resources ready to bring back the Journal, this whole “passion thing” was still fresh on my mind. I then set forth to bring together a collection of voices that could put a spotlight on this driving force that seems to be behind the very best visual storytelling work that’s out there today.

This is your magazine. And we are proud to bring it back to life, back into print, back into the hands of our SND family. Tell us what you think and what you want to see in future issues. We’re listening.

— Julie M. Elman
SND Publications Director

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