The 37th Call For Entries: A Preview

SND is mere days away from releasing the Call For Entries for the print 37th annual Best of News Design Creative Competition (print edition). Members will all receive the good old fashioned hard copies, but everybody can access the Call right here at

There will be plenty of promotion and word-spreading then, but in the meantime, some significant changes are in store. The print competition committee analyzed entry totals, entering habits and trends over the past five competitions and came up with a comprehensive overhaul to the Call this year, with two aims: 1. Clarity, and 2. Maximizing entry opportunities across the board.

Here is what’s new, by category. If the category is not listed below, it means it has not changed from last year.

Category 1: World’s Best Designed Newspapers. This year, entrants may include a (single) Sunday edition that is from the same month as a daily paper. We recognize the frequency with which your best Sunday and best daily papers come from the same month. Now you no longer have to choose one or the other.

Category 3: News Design/Pages AND Category 7. Features Design/Pages.

These categories are now broken down into subcategories for single pages, and subcategories for multiple pages. The Call will explain it in full, but these changes address a growing trend of entering complete story design, such as a cover and accompanying jump pages. In the past, for example, you had to choose between entering just a cover and entering a cover with its jump. This year, you will have places to enter both and have them judged separately.

Category 5: Special News Topics. We have clarified that this category must include work from more than one section. This can mean work from two sections (such as the A section and Business) from a single day or work from one section (such as the A section) over multiple days, up to five. Multi-page entries from a single section on a single day can be entered in those new Category 3 and 7 subcategories.

Category 6: Features Design/Sections AND Category 7: Features Design/Pages. Opinion entries have been given their own category this year and have been removed from these categories.

Category 11: Opinion Design. Opinion has long been judged alongside Features. Recognizing that very often, Opinion pages are not produced by a Features team, we have moved Opinion to its own category, where it will be judged on its own. (Reprints, formerly Category 11, are now a subcategory of Special Sections, Category 10.)

Category 11: Opinion Design. NEW: A subcategory has been added for newspaper editorial cartoons.

Category 12: Magazines. NEW: A subcategory has been added for magazine editorial cartoons.

Category 18: Redesigns. NEW: A subcategory has been added for corporate or studio redesigns, for instances in which multiple publications are redesigned in the same style.

Category 20: Combination Print/Digital design. NEW: This category must now be entered online. Details will be released along with the Call at

This will all be detailed in the Call, but the significant changes have been highlighted here. In short, the 37th Call adds new, and we believe better, opportunities to enter. Nothing has been taken away, and we think the 2016 judging — in February in Syracuse, N.Y. — will be the most comprehensive and fair edition ever.

Between now and the release of the Call, questions may be directed to 37th Edition Coordinator Andrea Zagata ([email protected]).

U.S. entry deadline will be January 28, 2016. International entry deadline will be February 4, 2016. Judging will take place from February 13-15, 2016.

— Josh Crutchmer, on behalf of the SND print competition committee

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