Creative Design Conference 2015 – Dubai – schedule


8:30 to 9:00 REGISTRATION


9:00 Official Opening
Welcome address from SOCIETY FOR NEWS DESIGN
STEPHEN KOMIVESSND Executive Directorapre_antoniop

‹Infographics: Count von Count, Buffalo Bill›

Learn how simple things such as enumeration helps in data visualization and how the right incision assists the storytelling in a cutaway illustration.
ANTONIO FARACH Infographic Editor, Muscat Media Group apre_salmanp

The art of Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy
The presentation will explore Arabic Calligraphy in general and the art of contemporary Arabic calligraphy. It explains the aesthetic features of Arabic calligraphy as a unique icon of Islamic art. The presentation explores examples of an Omani artist, Salman Alhajri, who has developed unique styles in this art stream by using digital devices. The talk is based on theoretical study using a descriptive and case-study approach. Dr. Alhajri is fascinated by the art forms of Arabic calligraphy, which combine both spiritual meaning and aesthetic beauty. Artist Alhajri is an example of a contemporary Arabic artist who uses Arabic calligraphy as the main theme in art practice. Dr. Alhajri is trying to introduce the beauty of Arabic letters from a new aesthetic point of view. He also aims to create unusual visual effects that viewers can easily interact with.
 SALMAN ALHAJRI – Professor Assistant of Art and Design – Sultan Qaboos University – Sultane of Oman


Alternative Visual Thinking
How to start a visual discipline in a marketing where publications tend to be a bit congested such as in India’s publications. Deepak Harichandan, the National Designer Editor of The Hindu in Chennai, will show some of their best stories, which have been presented with visual alternatives in graphics and innovative layout. He will also give a brief introduction of the available marketplace to graphic designers.
DEEPAK HARICHANDANNational Design Editor –  The Hindu – Chennai, INDIA


H, HB, 2B or Not 2B
Working in the corporate industry and at the same time making your way as an artist is not an easy path. But it’s an exciting one! A graphic designer by profession and an artist by heart, Liz will share her experiences on how she copes with multitasking, from directing a design project in a proper office to preparing a solo exhibition in her art studio. After all, everything always starts with a good idea and a sketch, and you’ll never know that you might have created a masterpiece.
LIZ RAMOS PRADO Information Graphics Editor – Dubai Media Inc.


Designing a News Website Built to Last
The new website design took well over two years to develop, and it involves multiple design and development teams across various continents. In the age of off-the-shelf templates, and five minutes DIY sites, how can such a bespoke approach be justified? In this session, David Westley, the architect of the new site, discusses the rationale behind the creation of this site, its guiding principles, what the team got right, and the lessons learned along the way.
DAVID WESTLEYPortal Manager,

12:45 to 13:40 LUNCH BREAK


Creating and Keeping the A-Team
The Avengers, Justice League and the X-Men – what do they have in common? They work as a team to create an unbeatable force. Recognizing individual ‘superpowers’ is the key to combating creative chaos. Here’s how you assemble and support each other so that you can be part of the A-team.
SARA RAFFACGHELLOSenior Art Director – What’s On Group, Emirates Man and Hypeapre_hugop

My Weapon of Choice
The production of complex and accurate content from scratch in a 3D software environment gives me total control to pursue the design ideas I have in mind. This is a casual chat about different experiences I’ve had using diverse 3D modeling tools to create infographics. Freedom is the name of the game.
HUGO SANCHEZ – 3D Modeler & Senior Infographic Artist – Gulf News


Made in China
It’s true that China remains a developing country, but in the world’s second-largest economy things are developing quickly. There has also been considerable development in the design and graphics world over the past decade. This session will take a quick tour around the many places and ways news design is being
made in China.
BILL GASPARD Design Director – China Daily – Beijing, China


Why You Should Be an Entrepreneur Now?
Founder of ING Creative shares why creating his own startup was the best decision, and why it may be your best decision too.
RAMY ALAWSSYING Creative  – Dubai, UAE


In a Different Light
It seemed like the usual day at the office until I was asked to do an unusual infographic. It changed my views on infographics forever.

DWYNN TRAZO – Senior Infographic Artist – Al Nisr Publishing – Dubai, UAE



The Business of Design in the Middle East; Sand pits, Cup-cakes and Paper Airplanes
Steven Castelluccia will paint a picture of design at a business title, revealing the ways in which he and the team bring content to life. Breaking this down section by section within the title, Steven will draw on examples within each segment, ranging from illustration to infographics. Steven’s edgy and thought provoking Businessweek covers have ensured the magazine has made its mark in this region from day one. He’ll lift the veil on his creative process – where the ideas come from, how he and the team set about creating each cover, and the challenges faced in the process. Looking closely at three covers from the past year, Steven will also touch upon the fantastic randomness of their cover trails, as well as some of the very cool videos created to accompany the concepts.
STEVEN CASTELLUCCIAArt Director – Bloomberg Business week Middle East – Dubai, UAE


How to Attract Good Talent – the Changing UAE Creative Market
Dani Blizzard and Lois Knowles, experienced recruitment consultants, will give an overview of the creative professional market in UAE. Discover what roles are in demand in the region. Advice and insight to improve your creative career in the competitive UAE market.

DANI BLIZZARD and LOIS KNOWLES –  Recruitment consultants- Digitalgurus – Dubai, UAE


How do Producers, News Designers and Developers Develop Long-form Stories at Al Jazeera?
Mohammed Haddad, head of Al Jazeera Interactive, talks you through several case studies of Al Jazeera’s interactive storytelling offering. He’ll explain the processes and techniques that are required for a successful interactive story and give you a glimpse into the areas that Al Jazeera is experimenting with using open-source technology, data journalism tools and immersive long-form stories.
MOHAMMED HADDADHead of Al Jazeera Interactive – A Jazeera – Doha, Qatar


Making Graphics at National Geographic
To produce a graphic at NG it isn’t easy; it’s a long process, usually several months, and during this time a team of people works hard looking for the excellence. We worked with the best experts, we produce several sketches, sometimes more than 20 and we can spend days just looking for the information of a small detail.
FERNANDO BAPTISTAInfographic Artist – National Geographic – Washington – US



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