Meet the 2016 officer candidates

We’re pleased to introduce you to this year’s candidates for the 2016 SND offices of secretary-treasurer, vice president and president. Voting is open to all SND members and will begin on Sept. 7. Your candidates are:

For the position of SND president:
Sara Quinn, journalism consultant and researcher, Kansas State University

For the position of SND vice president:
Douglas Okasaki, senior designer, Gulf News in Dubai, UAE

For the position of SND secretary/treasurer:
Tyson Evans, editor for newsroom strategy, The New York Times
Jennifer George-Palilonis, professor, Ball State University

There will be a write-in option for each office. Bios and mission statements from the candidates are below.

How the election will play out

    • Voting begins: Monday, Sept. 7
    • How and who votes: The election is conducted electronically (SND members will receive an email). Voting is open to all members.
    • Voting deadline: Voting ends at midnight on Thursday, Oct. 15.
    • The results: Results will be announced on Friday, Oct. 16.
    • Lapsed or non-members can renew or join before the ballot is issued in order to vote. Renew your membership here.
    • Questions? Contact Executive Director Stephen Komives at
      [email protected]
      . The SND bylaws governing the election process is here.




Tyson Evans

Tyson Evans is an editor for newsroom strategy at The New York Times. Previously, he was a deputy editor of The Times’s interactive news team and a design editor at the Las Vegas Sun. He has taught at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and the at Stanford and his work has been recognized by SND, ONA, IRE, J-Lab and Editor & Publisher.

Tyson has served on the SND board since 2010. He co-chaired the Society’s 2008 Workshop in Las Vegas, overhauled SND’s digital presence, led a series of bootcamp and Quick Course training sessions and helped launch, facilitate and judge its annual Best of Digital News Design competition.

Beyond involvement with SND, Tyson served as the programming chair for the Online News Association’s annual conference in 2010 and is the president of the Bridget O’Brien Scholarship Foundation, which funds international student reporting projects. He is a graduate of UCLA’s Design Media Arts program.


Jennifer Palilonis - CCIM

Jennifer George-Palilonis

Dr. Jennifer George-Palilonis is a full professor in Ball State University’s Department of Journalism, and the co-director of the Center for Emerging Media Design & Development. She holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the Indiana University School of Informatics & Computing. Since 2002, Palilonis has been a media design consultant, both independently and as an affiliate with Garcia Media Group. She has worked on the redesigns of more than 30 newspapers nationwide. She also worked for the Chicago Sun-Times as a news design editor and the Detroit Free Press as a news and business designer.

At Ball State, she teaches undergraduate courses in graphics reporting and multimedia storytelling and graduate courses in interaction design, theories and frameworks in human-computer interaction, design thinking and user experience design and research methods. She is also the director of the Ball State Digital Publishing Studio, a student design team responsible for nationally award-winning interactive magazines and media apps. She was the SND Education Director from 2009-2012 and has served as a judge for SND’s The Best of Digital Design and The Best of News Design Competitions.

Palilonis is also the author of two books, The Multimedia Journalist (Oxford University Press, 2012) and A Practical Guide to Graphics Reporting (Focal Press, 2006), with a second edition of the later due out in 2016. Her research interests include active reading in mobile environments, multimedia storytelling, the use of multimedia as a teaching and learning tool, blended and online learning, mobile design and development, and information graphics.

In 2012, she was named the Scripps Howard Journalism & Mass Communication Teacher of the Year; and Ball State presented her with the Outstanding Teaching Award. In 2006, she was named the “Young Alumnus of the Year” by the Ball State University Department of Journalism and “Graduate of the Last Decade” by the Ball State University Alumni Association. Prior to becoming the EMDD co-director, she was the coordinator for the nationally recognized journalism graphics sequence and director of the Ball State Digital Publishing Studio.




Douglas Okasaki

Douglas Okasaki believes that everybody was born to be happy and to shine in their lives. To discover what your passion in life is the first step for it. “I am really blessed to find myself in my work I love. The incredible life experience though my profession is the reason I am volunteering for SND. I received a lot from SND in terms of experiences, good memories and they are very rewarding and I felt the need to give back – to provide my time and efforts, commitment and dedication as SND volunteer, “ said Douglas.

Douglas started as infographic artist in Folha de S.Paulo, the biggest newspaper in Brazil. In the same country, Douglas worked in almost all well known Brazilian publishing companies – O Globo (Rio de Janeiro), Editora Abril, Jornal da Tarde (Sao Paulo) and A Tarde (Salvador).

In 1996 Douglas became one of the first designers in Brazil to work for internet at Universo Online, that time was the start of open internet in Brasil. “ When they called me they said you will work for web. It is completely different.. You click and things happen…” for 7 years Douglas worked as Art Editor for online company.

In 2003 when Douglas accepted to work at the International Press, a publishing house in Tokyo (Japan) and then Gulf News in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, Douglas became the first SND regional director for region 20 Middle East and Africa. As a regional director, Douglas spoke about the importance of design in publication in conferences in Egypt, Jordan, UAE and South Africa.

Douglas is eager to explore a new adventure and learn more.




Sara Quinn

A design and journalism consultant and researcher, Sara Quinn holds the R.M. Seaton Endowed Chair at Kansas State University. She is an affiliate faculty member for The Poynter Institute where she taught full time for more than a decade. Her large-scale eyetracking research for Poynter and other organizations on newspaper, tablet and online reading habits helps journalists determine the best forms for storytelling. It has been presented in newsrooms, conferences and at universities around the world. Her most recent study is Eyetracking Photojournalism, for the National Press Photographers Association.

Sara spent nearly 20 years working in newspaper newsrooms, including the Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Florida and her hometown newspaper, The Wichita Eagle in Kansas.

Sara teaches in-house workshops for newsrooms and universities around the world, has edited and designed magazines, websites, books and newspapers. She has a B.A. from Wichita State University and a master’s in illustration from Syracuse University. She received Ball State’s Anthony Majeri Award for Leadership and Innovation in 2013.

For the Society for News Design, Sara currently serves as vice president. She has also been secretary/treasurer, regional director, coordinator for auctions for the Kansas City and Washington, D.C. workshops; served as a juror for the print, digital and World’s Best competitions; and spoken at numerous Quick Courses and national workshops.

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