The Hindu’s redesigned Sunday Magazine

The Hindu, one of the largest circulating dailies in India, had recently redesigned its Sunday Magazine. It was an in-house redesign done by National Design Editor Deepak Harichandan and crew.

It is a real example of how one can use white space effectively as a part of design.

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Deepak Harichandan says about the redesign:

“A lot of thought goes into making and to build a perception out of a product.  The major tactics are to identify the most multiple striking entry points to create feature pages which come once in a week. The objective is: The product should inspire you to read. The other major design strategy was how to build  the personality of the paper by choosing the right kind of font colour and innovative page architecture.”

Deepak Harichandan
The Hindu design editor Deepak Harichandan

In reflecting on the redesign, Deepak noted that in feature pages white space is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. “You bring a sense of calm and orderliness to the long form of reading. Everybody wants a space of their own. Cramming with all gray is a torture to the readers.”

Deepak concludes:

“I have been thinking a lot for this product and had the blueprint in my mind for sometime.  But after the Editor’s go-ahead, we went fast on all the logistics and started sketching towards realizing the final design.”

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