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Are you an SND member who is committed to create a good design in your region or country? Do you want to help fellow designers to continue producing better and better work?

The Society for News Design (SND) is looking for volunteers who will be part of our worldwide news design community. We are looking for creative, out-of-the box thinkers and professionals interested in making a difference in the world of visual journalism.

Volunteering with the SND is the perfect opportunity to closely interface with a vast diversity of community leaders in the publishing industry.

SND volunteers make everything possible! Serving in this position is a great way to be part of the leadership design frontier in your region or country, participate in workshop events, and to build new skills and priceless experience.

Here is what some of our volunteers have to say about their work with SND:



I volunteer for SND because I owe my career to SND. I say that because of the training I’ve received but mostly the connections I’ve made with other people around the world who have common interests. I’ve learned so much from them and continue to learn every day. The advantage of volunteering is you are doing good for the world of visual journalism. You are helping people who have common interests and need help, just like I needed a ton of help early in my career.”

Rob Schneider is creative director at the Dallas Business News and former president of SND


Being a volunteer for SND is a unique opportunity to share your creative strength with a large group of enthusiastic visual journalist. Do it if you want to succeed and make a difference. The advantage is interacting with designers from around the world, learning different perspectives on creativity, leadership and most of all you return home with a full plate of ideas, refresh and energize from giving back to the visual journalism design community.

Susan Mango Curtis is Associate Professor in Northwestern University Medill and former president of SND



I don’t think of my involvement with SND from the age of 22 as just volunteering, I think of it as my giving back to the organization for the years of encouragement I have received throughout my visual journalism career. I really do believe my early workshop experiences, friendships and critiques, showed me how to believe in my own talents and dreams. I knew at 22, as I do now, that the community that is SND is vital to our growth as individuals. The advantage of any kind of volunteerism, to me, is that the individual is doing whatever is necessary because they simply want to do it!

Deborah Withey is design consultant and former president of SND



As the only globally positioned organization the Society for News Design addresses itself to the topic “visual journalism”. Here the leading colleagues of the international News Design community come together. In our global time and age the SND network offers a key advantage, as the knowledge concerning international requirements and trends does not only create a professional competitive edge but also sharpens our senses for intercultural differences. After all, the ability to understand and appreciate the others is vital for a mutual cooperation.

Stefan Knapp is Regional Director and Organizer of the SND 2014 Congress in Frankfurt, Germany



“We are going through very difficult times, and our industry is in trouble. SND is the only organization that gathers all this talent and experience of all this professionals around the world. It’s very important to have a strong SND to help us think together on the future of our discipline and build a solid knowledge core. Here I have met great friends and invaluable creative minds.

Gustavo Lo Valvo is Design Director Clarin and SND Regional director- South America


We are looking for volunteers to serve as country coordinators worldwide, and Finance Director in the U.S.

Volunteers must be members of SND. Click here to learn about joining SND

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