Best of Sports Design 2014: Live Game Covers

Welcome to the fun part of the Best of Sports Design 2014. Here is where we reveal the winners. You can bookmark this post for links to all the winners (and related posts)

Live Game Covers

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gold Rush
Credits: Emmet Smith


Cleveland Plain Dealer, So Close It Hurts
Credits: Emmet Smith

Los Angeles Times, Ice Age
Credits: Michael Whitley, Tim Hubbard


Adrenalina, 3-1
Credits: Erik Knobl, Damián Martínez, Ángeles Barajas, Marco Román, Alexandro Medrano


Times of Oman, Europe Conquers America
Credits: Staff


Buffalo News, Boomsday
Credits: Andrea Zagata


Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sweet 16
Credits: Emmet Smith


Buffalo News, Team USA Hits The Wall
Credits: Andrea Zagata, Josh Crutchmer


Marca, The End
Credits: Staff


Total Entries: 94
Total winners: 9


Now for the fun part, vote for your favorite in this category. We’ll share the winners in May as Editors’ Choice winners. You can vote until Friday, May 8.

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