Winners list: 2014 Best of Digital Design competition

The Society For News Design is thrilled to announce winners from the “Best of Digital Design” competition held the weekend of February 20 at the Ball State University Indianapolis Center. Throughout judging weekend, we provided an in-depth look at our judging process, and our medal winners.

The 2014 contest year brought in more than 900 entries, making it the largest body of work since the contest was established in 2002. Approximately 20 percent of our entries received recognition with either a gold medal, silver medal, or award of excellence.

Gold Medal

Large Division

The n-word: An interactive project exploring a singular word Use of multimedia

Demolished: The End of Chicago’s Public Housing Features: Single-subject project

Portfolio: Danny Debelius Portfolios: Individual

My Travels With Brazil’s World Cup Curse Use of multimedia

Small Division

Harvard Law Review Redesign Redesign

Losing Ground Features: Coverage

Silver Medal

Large Division

The Homicide Report Information graphics: Planned coverage

Outer Space’s Big Questions Features: Coverage

Senate Election Results Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

CIA interrogation reports Breaking/Daily News: Non-planned coverage

The Homicide Report Features: Coverage

Houses in the Path of the Washington Mudslide Information graphics: Breaking news

Is That a Luge in Times Square Special events

What happened to Flight 370? Special events

Portfolio: NPR Visuals Portfolios: Organization

Brazilians Erupt After Their First World Cup Goal Special events

Election Party! Special events

Mindsuckers Novellas Use of multimedia

Caymmi 100 anos — Samba da minha terra Use of multimedia

Bad News Beards: The beards of baseball Use of multimedia

Songs We Love 2014 Features: Single-subject project

Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants Features: Single-subject project

Chasing Bayla — Michael Moore’s quest to save the right whale Features: Single-subject project

PORTFOLIO: Amanda Cox Portfolios: Individual

Small Division

The scar of the city Special events

Treatment Tracker Information graphics: Planned coverage

Award of Excellence

Large Division

Road to Paektu Features: Single-subject project

World Cup Town Information graphics: Planned coverage

Who Can Stop the Fox? (translated from Portuguese: Quem Para a Raposa) Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

How the Twitter reacted to Brazil vs. Chile (translated from Portuguese: Como o Twitter reagiu ao jogo entre Brasil e Chile) Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

8 Minutes Massacre (translated from Portuguese: Massacre em 8 minutos) Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Zhou’s Power Base Features: Single-subject project

Portfolios: Individual — Mark Stehle, Art direction/ Design Portfolios: Individual

Titel: Der entscheidende Moment Use of multimedia

Saving Cyla: How it feels to have awake brain surgery Features: Single-subject project

Kim’s Choice: Inside one woman’s decision to starve herself to death Use of multimedia

No safe use: The Canadian asbestos epidemic that Ottawa is ignoring Use of multimedia

Alhurra by Middle East Broadcasting NetworksRedesign

Untangling the Middle East: A guide to the region’s shifting relationships Features: Single-subject project

Too big to disrupt? Canada’s banks fight back against the likes of Apple, Facebook Features: Single-subject project

Individual Portfolio: Chris Manza, The Globe and Mail Portfolios: Individual

Josh Laincz — Individual Portfolio Portfolios: Individual

A Sting in the Desert Features: Single-subject project

Conflict in the Central African Republic Features: Coverage

New Wilshire Grand Features: Coverage

Behind closed doors, Demoulas cousins’ feud raged — The Boston Globe Information graphics: Planned coverage

State of the Union: History through the president’s words Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Most Americans’ best days are behind them Information graphics: Planned coverage

Busing: an oral history Use of multimedia

L.A. County’s unclaimed remains of 2011 Information graphics: Planned coverage

Fly over the Hollywood fault zone Information graphics: Planned coverage

How to be a writer Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

Build your California Information graphics: Planned coverage

Washington Post Ferguson coverage Breaking/Daily News: Non-planned coverage

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 graphics roundup Breaking/Daily News: Non-planned coverage

One family, two sacrifices Features: Single-subject project

Holiday eating: Why you feel so lousy after a huge holiday meal Features: Single-subject project

How you can be tracked anywhere in the world Features: Single-subject project

The best beer in baseball Features: Single-subject project

The Washington Wizards’ shooting stars Features: Single-subject project

The night bullets hit the White House and the Secret Service didn’t know Use of multimedia

Intensive care for a damaged dome Use of multimedia

2014 Winter Olympics graphics Special events

Ebola coverage Special events

The Washington Post for Fire Tablet Tablet magazine

The Washington Post for iPad Tablet magazine

Hazard Above series Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

Children at Risk series Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

Breaking Points series Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Ebola coverage Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

CONGRESOSCOPIO, a news application to follow the legislative work of congressmen (Argentina) Continuous use: Section or topic

A USA TODAY investigation: Dangerous gas leaks Features: Single-subject project

7 Winning Words Features: Single-subject project

Behind the Honor, Arlington National Cemetery Use of multimedia

Upstatement Group Portfolio Portfolios: Organization

NATURE’S DYING MIGRANT WORKERS Features: Single-subject project

Beer me, Minnesota! Find your local beer match Features: Single-subject project

Lily Mihalik, Los Angeles Times — Individual Portfolio Portfolios: Individual

Seasonal produce guide | Los Angeles Times Features: Single-subject project

I Live here | Los Angeles Times Features: Coverage

Redesign: Catagory #13 Redesign

How Much Does the 32nd Player Make in Tennis and Other Sports? Information graphics: Planned coverage

The Guardian & the Texas Observer: Beyond the Border Features: Single-subject project

The Guardian: World Cup Series Special events

The Guardian: Midterms Information graphics: Planned coverage

Copa do Mundo FIFA 2014 Special events

Speed Skating at the Olympics: A Primer Information graphics: Planned coverage

Urban murals make eye-popping statements Features: Single-subject project

Midterm Election 2014: Data, Maps and State-by-State Results Special events

ELECTRICITY RATES CALCULATOR Information graphics: Planned coverage

War In Our Backyards Features: Single-subject project

Forgotten Memories Features: Single-subject project

Eater Redesign Redesign

The Verge Organization Portfolio Portfolios: Organization

Polygon Organization Portfolio Portfolios: Organization

NPR Music Redesign

Does Torture Work? The C.I.A.’s Claims and What the Committee Found Breaking/Daily News: Non-planned coverage

A Rogue State Along Two Rivers Features: Single-subject project

The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons Features: Single-subject project

How We Play the Game Features: Single-subject project

Norway the Slow Way Features: Single-subject project

The Way North Features: Coverage

Assessing the Damage and Destruction in Gaza Information graphics: Breaking news

Mapping Migration in the United States Information graphics: Planned coverage

‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Is All but Gone From New York Information graphics: Planned coverage

A Map of Baseball Nation Information graphics: Planned coverage

How ISIS Works Information graphics: Planned coverage

Is It Better to Rent or Buy? Information graphics: Planned coverage

Is That a Luge in Times Square? Information graphics: Planned coverage

The Clubs That Connect the World Cup Information graphics: Planned coverage

342,000 Swings Later, Derek Jeter Calls It a Career Information graphics: Planned coverage

Inside the Quartet Use of multimedia


PORTFOLIO: Jeremy Ashkenas Portfolios: Individual

PORTFOLIO: Alicia DeSantis Portfolios: Individual

PORTFOLIO: Wilson Andrews Portfolios: Individual

PORTFOLIO: Jacky Myint Portfolios: Individual

PORTFOLIO: The New York Times Portfolios: Organization

The Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Information graphics: Breaking news

Evolving on Marijuana Features: Single-subject project

The Wall Street Journal’s World Cup coverage Special events

20th Anniversary of Rwandan Genocide Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

SB Nation’s 2014 World Cup Preview Special events

Postmedia Re-Design Redesign

Eater, 72 ways food can change the world Features: Single-subject project

The Future of Food Features: Coverage

China’s Supercaves Information graphics: Planned coverage

Distant Oasis Information graphics: Planned coverage

China’s Supercaves Use of multimedia

Deadly Beauty Use of multimedia

National Geographic Magazine, February 2014 Tablet magazine

National Geographic Magazine, May 2014 Tablet magazine

National Geographic Magazine, November 2014 Tablet magazine

Were you caught in a red light camera ticket spike? Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Graphic essays: Harsh treatment series Features: Single-subject project

Scotland Independence Live Results Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Polytechnique Massacre anniversary Features: Single-subject project

Morphine addict Use of multimedia

Gabriel Medina Special events

The Guardian Responsive redesign Redesign

Comrade Capitalism Features: Coverage

Observatory Above the Rainforest Features: Single-subject project

Pistorius verdict: Model’s death ‘culpable homicide,’ not murder Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

The Berlin Wall Special events

The night bullets hit the White House — and the Secret Service didn’t know Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

The problem of children waiting for nursery schools Features: Single-subject project

The Goal of Life Use of multimedia

Who killed Eddie Snowshoe: The fatal sentence of solitary confinement Use of multimedia

Boston Marathon bombing anniversary Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Senate Election Results Information graphics: Planned coverage

The Last Word Use of multimedia

Ebola coverage Information graphics: Planned coverage

The Homicide Report Continuous use: Section or topic

New Wilshire Grand Information graphics: Planned coverage

World Cup 2014 Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Help the LA Times write the description for Koreatown. Continuous use: Section or topic

Jean Beliveau death Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

How Many Ebola Patients Have Been Treated Outside of Africa? Information graphics: Planned coverage

Water’s edge: the crisis of rising sea levels Features: Single-subject project

The Echo Chamber Features: Single-subject project

100 Years, 100 Legacies: The Lasting Impact of World War I Features: Single-subject project

Braving Ebola Use of multimedia

Interactive Portfolios: USA TODAY 2014 Portfolios: Organization

The Political Maze 2015 (Argentina) Features: Single-subject project

Will to Win Features: Single-subject project

And Then There Were None Features: Single-subject project

Look At This Use of multimedia

Borderland Use of multimedia

Borderland Features: Single-subject project

Memorabilia Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

What Is Alibaba? Features: Single-subject project

Kowloon Walled City Use of multimedia

Kowloon Walled City Features: Single-subject project

A New Story Told at Ground Zero Features: Single-subject project

National Geographic Portfolios: Organization

Wave Rider Features: Single-subject project

Breaking Ball: A Father and Son’s Pitch for Baseball Glory Use of multimedia

Midterm Election 2014: Data, Maps and State-by-State Results Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

1894: Memorizing the First Sino-Japanese War Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Draining California Features: Coverage

The Mad House (translated from Portuguese: A Casa dos Loucos) Features: Single-subject project

Small Division

Death in the Ring: Experts describe what went wrong in fatal kickboxing fight at Eagles Club — JSOnline Video Use of multimedia

Tempelhofer Feld — What’s being built, and where Information graphics: Planned coverage

Kraftwerk — Wir sind die Roboter Use of multimedia

The Unseen — Life on Berlin’s Streets Use of multimedia

The Next America Features: Single-subject project

The Next America Use of multimedia

Undue Force Features: Single-subject project

Painful Lessons Features: Single-subject project

De Morgen Completely Redesign Redesign

The Finns’ fateful cave dive in Norway was a ghastly struggle Features: Single-subject project

A Nation Divided Information graphics: Planned coverage

Charting Germany: Tracking a nation’s changes Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

Rankings das escolas 2014 Information graphics: Planned coverage

Cultura-Ípsilon Redesign

Flavor 574 Magaine Tablet magazine

TexElex2014 Governor results Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage

Special report: Why Kidd Kraddick’s radio show is doing even better after his death Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project

Tuition Tracker Information graphics: Planned coverage

How the Texas Testing Bubble Popped Features: Coverage

Portfolio, Individual: John Hancock Portfolios: Individual

Nieman Foundation Redesign Redesign show pages — Diane Rehm and Kojo Nnamdi Redesign

Inside the Firewall: Tracking the News That China Blocks Features: Single-subject project

Inside the Firewall: Tracking the News That China Blocks Information graphics: Planned coverage

The Military is Leaving the Missing Behind Features: Single-subject project

Comparing 2015 Obamacare Plans Features: Single-subject project

Maps for ‘Losing Ground’ Information graphics: Planned coverage

Where Do the Guns Traced in Your State Come From? Information graphics: Planned coverage

A Disappearing Planet Information graphics: Planned coverage

Portfolio: Sisi Wei Portfolios: Individual

ProPublica Portfolios: Organization

Multimedia for Losing Ground Use of multimedia

Segregation Now: The Resegregation of America’s Schools Features: Single-subject project

Highway 470: Beyond the Numbers Features: Single-subject project

Fichajes del Torneo de Invierno 2014 en Costa Rica Information graphics: Breaking news

The Millions New York Counties Coulda Got Information graphics: Planned coverage

Inside the Firewall: Tracking the News That China Blocks Continuous use: Section or topic

Ramadan: A beginner’s guide Features: Single-subject project

The scar of the city Features: Single-subject project

TexElex2014 Governor results Special events

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE Use of multimedia

Final Fork | D-FW’s ultimate restaurant bracket battle Features: Single-subject project

Treatment Tracker Features: Single-subject project

New Berliners and native Berliners — who came, who went and who lives here today Features: Single-subject project

Portfolio: Lena Groeger Portfolios: Individual

Losing Ground Features: Single-subject project Student Division

Bellwethr magazine Tablet magazine

Birds in the City Tablet magazine

Santiago Imperdible Features: Single-subject project

Whole Hog: The Power of Pork Features: Single-subject project

Whole Hog: The Power of Pork Use of multimedia

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