SND36: SND Foundation Karaoke Fundraiser

Update: The SND36 Foundation Karaoke fundraiser was a smashing success, with over $4,000 raised to fund student travel grants. Thanks to all for the generous support! And for those of you who still want to donate to help the Foundation, just go to


As judges and facilitators prepare to travel to Syracuse, New York, this weekend for the Best of News Design competition, it’s time to start thinking about the annual SND Foundation Karaoke Fundraiser. Why is it important? SND Executive Director Stephen Komives explains:

“It might not seem like a big deal, karaoke night. But it actually is. Consider this: the Foundation this year is bringing 12 students to SNDDC who likely would not have been able to attend otherwise. They’re from Syracuse, Ball State, Ohio U, UNC, MSU. Two are from Chile, one from Germany. They’re being presented with an amazing gift, and if you’re taking part in karaoke night, you’re making it possible. It actually is one of our most important fundraisers of the year.

But here’s the other thing: we had 38 incredible travel grant candidates. I wish we could bring them all. That would be a good goal going forward. We can do it if we think bigger.”

Sorry, you have to wait until next year for this part: Karaoke starts on Sunday after the judges and facilitators get back to the hotel (around 10 p.m.) Want to challenge your boss/coworker/friend/enemy/significant other to a song? You can …

  • Tweet us. Follow @sndkaraoke on Twitter for updates throughout the night, and send us a tweet with your challenge. See if you can get some friends to join in to make it an even bigger challenge.
  • Email us. Email [email protected] with your challenge and we’ll make sure the message is received on Sunday night.

Making the donation is easy. Just go to Coming to Syracuse for judging? Just bring your cash and your singing voice on Sunday night to the hotel bar.

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