SND36: Meet the judges

The annual SND Best of News Design competition brought 27 professionals to Syracuse to judge the best work of 2014. The judges are broken into five groups — news, features, long form, visuals, and World’s Best. There are also two conflict judges.



  • Julie ElmanAssociate Professor, School of Visual Communication, Ohio University
  • Leah SamolFeatures designer, Buffalo News
  • Jason SfetkoDeputy Art Director, New York Times Magazine
  • Shan StumpfArt Director, Folio Weekly
  • Lucille UmaliSenior Illustrator/Designer, The Times of Oman

Long Form

  • Josh AwtryVice President, Gannett Carolinas
  • Andrew BrafordDesigner, New York Times
  • Sara Quinn, Digital Design Strategist, The Pixelbots, Vice President, SND
  • Chris RukanDesigner, Washington Post
  • Kelli Sullivan, Deputy Design Director, Los Angeles Times


  • Tim BallVisuals Editor, Bay Area News Group
  • Matt CurtisArt Director, Sunday Times Magazine
  • Tim FrankDirector at Asbury Park Design Studio for Gannett
  • Troy OxfordInteractive Graphics Editor, Dallas Morning News
  • Josh PenrodPresentation Director, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Conflict Judges

  • Mauricio Gutierrez, Design Director, Detroit Free Press
  • Kenney MarlattEditor/Designer, Chicago Tribune

World’s Best


SND36: Live coverage from the Best of News Design competition

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