NPR Wins Silver Medal for ‘Election Party!’


NPR has won a silver medal for its Special Events category piece, “Election Party!”

Judges remarks:

  • “It’s super creative and inventive in that they thought about what their users are going to be doing during this day, and how they can be a part of that. They saw what was coming, they didn’t do the same thing everything else did – the red and blue maps–they thought about their role as an information provider on that day. They invented an appointment for you to keep with them. They leveraged what they are best at.”
  • “The design is clean, classic and fun with the whole party motif. It’s got pacing. We are all competing for the smaller pieces of people’s time and attention. How do you go out and get that? How do you demand to be a part of somebody’s media day? They are aggressively inserting themselves. It’s inventive in terms of its idea and its aim. And it delivers.”
  • “The fact that they didn’t do the election maps that everyone else did is not a surprise to me. Asking, ‘what value do we add?’ is something they do every day.”

(Interested in learning more about all the work being honored at the Society For News Design’s “Best of Digital Design Competition?” We’ve got you covered!)

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