NPR Visuals Earns Silver Medal In Organization Portfolio Category


Judges award a silver medal to NPR Visuals in the Portfolio: Organization category. Check out its body of work:

Judges remarks:

  • “There’s innovation in each one – there’s something I feel I could take away from each one of these that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Especially the elections piece. It’s a new way to look at elections. Even the Neighborhoods piece, there are some really great graphical moments in it, such as the distances these kids travel to school. The read on it is so quick, clean, and nice. I love the range.”
  • “You could spend days and days with this. And they all feel like part of a package. There are subtle cues in the shapes that they choose and the layout structure to tie all of these together in a way.”
  • “To me, it deserves a Silver because of how fearless they are in their experimentation. They are willing to try these different ways of telling stories. In most cases they get really darn close to making it really good.”
  • “There’s a daringness here to take risks. The flaws that we found are minor.”

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