‘Mindsuckers’ Wins Silver For National Geographic


National Geographic has won a silver medal in the Use of Multimedia category for its piece  “Mindsuckers.”

Judges remarks:

  • “This feels brave to try something different, and I think this succeeds. We should reward bravery. This could so easily fall into gimmick. A lot of the (other) pieces couldn’t make their mind up if they were big long-form text or a video piece…. It lets the visuals and the audio work.”
  • “It’s so visually different. It’s not gimmicky. Instead of it all just being vertical, there are nice angles, like taking you behind a tree. This one didn’t feel like scroll hijacking.”
  • “It does create this interesting relationship between you and the subjects. The movement of your own hand advances the story.”

(Interested in learning more about all the work being honored at the Society For News Design’s “Best of Digital Design Competition?” We’ve got you covered!)

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