Judges Award The Washington Post Gold Medal for ‘The N-Word’ In Use Of Multimedia


The Washington Post has won a gold medal in the Use of Multimedia category for its piece “The N-Word”

Judges remarks:

  • “I like everything about this: The execution, the idea. I like that it’s evolving around conversations. This seems like the right approach to talk about this subject.”
  • “I especially like that you could make your own video… it feels like it wants us to start a discussion around this. An easy way to participate leads it to be more of a two-way instead of a passive experience.”
  • “They’re creating these cards specifically for you to share on social platforms, or you can just download it. So if you want to put this on Instagram or Snapchat… they are really trying to set up a native conversation. They are really trying to serve the audience.”

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