Judges Award Amanda Cox of the New York Times a Silver Medal for Individual Portfolio


Amanda Cox has been awarded a silver medal in the Individual Portfolio category. See her work here:

Judges remarks:

  • “The attention to detail… it’s this thing about going above and beyond and adding polish that makes it stand out among the competition. There’s a level of competency to them that pushes it above excellence.”
  • “This is trend I want to see more of. Instead of just doing graphs and charts, highlighting interesting points… it adds so much context.”
  • “I think it’s the use of narrative language. It’s framing the numbers in a way that makes it seem very accessible and fun to me. That narrative is an interesting balance.”
  • “It’s meaningful vs. just data. It’s actually telling a story about the data.”

(Interested in learning more about all the work being honored at the Society For News Design’s “Best of Digital Design Competition?” We’ve got you covered!)

About Ellen Collier

is a journalism graphics student at Ball State University.


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