Kordalski on SND: It’s “given me tremendous confidence”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Society for News Design is in the middle of a membership drive and has asked some of its members to explain SND’s importance to them or their career.  Today, we feature ….

David Kordalski, SND president

“For me, the training opportunities, the networking and the friends and mentors I’ve met through SND are the most valuable. Involvement with SND has made me better as a designer, better as a manager and better at wider thinking in general. It’s helped me in the way I approach problems and has given me tremendous confidence in meeting new people and acting out of my normal comfort zones.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable in getting all that without giving a back little bit, and that giving is — in my case — twofold: 1) volunteering to make SND programs work and 2) financial support through very affordable annual dues (which includes the fantastic book of the annual award winners, btw).

If you feel the same way about SND, please consider joining or renewing your membership today. It’s easy.”

Just follow this link: snd.org/join

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