Crutchmer on SND: It taught me you “need to be in touch with your content and your audience”

The Society for News Design is in the middle of a membership drive and has asked some of its members to explain SND’s importance to them or their career. Today, we feature ….

Josh Crutchmer
Design and graphics editor
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The Dallas Morning News hosted a quick course in 2005. It wasn’t my first SND event, but it was the one that stuck with me. I listened to Michael Whitley break down the relationship between photographers and designers, Rob Schneider explain how to organize information, Janet Michaud explain the logic behind her sports design work, and Greg Swanson explain how you can do any photo illustration you want if you have a camera and a cutting torch. That day was when it clicked for me that you don’t have to be the most creative, smartest or most talented person in the world to be a part of great journalism. You merely need to be in touch with your content and your audience, and know who else you can turn to when you can’t execute something. Without that day, I think my career trajectory — which admittedly looks like someone tried to grab the pen out of a seismograph during a tremor — is vastly different today.”

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