SND ELECTION RESULTS Okasaki, Steele and Quinn elected 2015 SND officers

Each year the Society for News Design holds elections for its officers: the secretary-treasurer, vice president and president. SND members vote and the winners are announced at the annual workshop. Write-in votes are allowed and recorded in the results below. The final election results are:



Douglas Okasaki, (@dokasaki) senior designer at the Gulf News in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and SND Region 20 (Africa and Middle East) director defeated Frank Mina, deputy managing editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and SND Region 2 (Western U.S.) director.


  • Douglas Okasaki 83
  • Frank Mina 66

OKASAKI’S REACTION “I’m quite overwhelmed to have been elected … in a very positive way. I look forward to the next three years as I believe SND has achieved the necessary momentum to continue growing. I see only good things on the horizon. I’m very proud to be part of this organization and I’m eager to see greater collaboration with all those involved. I sincerely thank everybody for their support but I also ask for more help — it is all of us together that will see (SND) reach greater heights.”


Steele, Lee 5789.JPG

Lee Steele, design editor, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers. (@leesteele)


  • Lee Steele 136
  • Bonita Burton 2
  • Scott Goldman 1
  • Kenny Marlett 1
  • Frank Mina 1
  • Sara Quinn 1
  • Sarah Sampsel 1
  • Michael Whitley 1

STEELE’S REACTION “It is humbling and gratifying to be allowed to serve in the footsteps of so many inspirational leaders from previous years. In particular, David Kordalski, who has taught me so much in my term as Vice President. I want to thank everyone for trusting me with this honor.”



Sara Quinn, teaches visual journalism, social media, writing forms, leadership and multimedia at the Poynter Institute. (@saraquinn)


  • Sara Quinn 144
  • Frank Mina 1

QUINN’S REACTION “Every minute I spend with SND, I am reminded of its global reach. There are great things ahead — across continents, across platforms and across generations.”

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