Crutchmer, Zagata to join the Plain Dealer

On the heels of significant changes and a redesign of Advance Publications’ Cleveland Plain Dealer, the paper has news of another kind this month: Andrea Zagata and Josh Crutchmer of the Buffalo News will be joining the design team.

Daryl Kannberg, director of the Plain Dealer’s print publications hub, and David Kordalski, ME/Visuals and current SND president, announced in an email the staff earlier this month:

We’re pleased to share some exciting news.

Josh Crutchmer, the deputy design director at the Buffalo News, and Andrea Zagata, lead sports designer at the Buffalo News, will be joining our Pub Hub team.

Josh will be our design director, and will be heavily involved with managing, planning and producing our daily sections and special projects, as well as coaching and coaxing the design team to do great work. Josh is a proven visual leader with a real sense of story. He attacks presentation like a good design director should: with a focus on how best to amplify the content. He’s a news and sports junkie, and very much a proponent of pro-active design.

Andrea will be a sports/news designer, and will be heavily involved with planning, designing and pulling together our sports sections, as well as being involved with special projects in news, features and sports. Her sports design work has been honored two consecutive years in the very tough portfolio category in the SND international competition. She’ll bring a sense of long-range planning and daily pacing to our coverage. Her ability to raise the volume when warranted is extraordinary.

Both will be instrumental in looking down the road to prepare for what’s coming rather than just reacting as best we can. Both are adept Saxo users. And both are keenly aware of the rich tradition of smart presentation by our Plain Dealer design team. They’re eager to do their part to hold that standard high.

They will start May 19.

The Plain Dealer is coming off a year in which numerous changes, including cutting home delivery to four days a week, a company reorganization that entailed moving the design and editing teams to a print-centric “pubhub” and, more recently, moving out of its longtime headquarters on the east side of downtown Cleveland.

Amid the changes, the Plain Dealer was honored with 34 awards in the 35th Best of News Design print competition in February. Crutchmer’s hire will fill the void left by Emmet Smith, who after 10 years at the paper, moved to the Washington Post in March. Josh’s work can be found here. Andrea’s can be found here.

(Editor’s note: SND will share news of member job moves as they are passed along to site editors or officers.)

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