Best of Sports Design 2013: Roundup

This post will serve as a catchall link to every category and winner in the Best of Sports Design 2013. As winners are revealed, this post will update. Bookmark it for reference.

You can find the list of categories and the call for entries here.

Print winners will be revealed beginning today, right here. This is going to be the order:

Photo Page/Poster
Sports Illustration

Inside Pages/Enterprise or Special Section
Inside Pages/Live Game or Breaking News

Digital winners posted on the SportsDesigner Facebook feed.

Breaking News Covers
Special Coverage/Team or Event
Special Coverage/Series or Project

Live Game Cover Story
Enterprise/Special Section Cover Story

Enterprise/Feature Centerpiece
Live Game Covers
Special Section Covers

College winners on the SD Facebook Feed
Editors’ Choice Winners
Assessing BOSD2013
Sports Designer of the Year

Stay tuned …

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io adoro il risotto con le pere, purtroppo sono la sola a casa ad adorarlo, quindi non lo mangio mai!! adesso mi è davvero presa la voglia vedendo il tuo piatto, che sapore ha questo Lou Blau?? sa di gongorzola?? beh comunque complimenti davvero, bello bello!!

I would like to hear a lie that Manjarres has spread. I personally can not name a single one and believe that is an excellent reporter. One reason he is ripping on Ozzie some much is because deFaria actually made a fake mugshot of him. He literally took his driver’s license photo and made it black and white. Lastly when it comes to his pay, there is none. He is simply a blogger using his freedom of speech. I say good for him.

187Somos parte de una Asociación Civil que brinda espacios deportivos para niños y jovenes de escasos recursos y en condiciones marginadas el proyecto se sustenta de donativos tenemos ya 3,000 niños actualmente realizando ejercicio con nosotros y necesitamos apoyos para que el proyecto siga adelante y evitemos vicios en nuestra niñez mexicana.

Very interesting. I would feel more comfortable at night though if I knew Buffy the Vampire Slayer was around to stick a stake through their artificially beating hearts.

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