SND35: Judges award Washington Post interactive stories portfolio silver medal

Best of Digital Design judges awarded a silver medal to a Washington Post portfolio featuring interactive stories. It is the competition’s 11th silver medal.

Wa Po Org Port (940)


“It’s another example of great breath in terms of all the pieces that they’re using. Black Budget takes a look at a massive amount of data that could easily be glossed over. But it goes into detail and very elegantly breaks it down.”

“Sea of steel was incredibly dynamic. It allowed for you to drill down in a very intuitive way.”

“This was one of my favorite portfolios. The functionality is very approachable, and there’s absolutely no confusion as to what to do next.”


The perils of Great Falls

Cycling’s road forward

Sea of steel

Tackling a crisis

Deconstructing the ISS

The Black Budget

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is creative director at the Dallas Business News and immediate past-president of SND.

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