SND35: Judges award gold and silver medals for NPR’s Planet Money presentation

Best of Digital Design judges awarded NPR’s Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt two medals in two different categories.

It won a gold medal in the single-story project category and a silver in the use of multimedia category. It was the second gold medal and eighth silver medal of the competition.

Planet Money t-shirt (620)Planet Money t-shirt 2 (620)


Single-story project category

“The completeness of the coverage and the presentation is really good. From conception to the follow through in reporting and video, it’s really really complete. … Even just the approach, they didn’t start off with the T-shirt.  They started off with, how do we explain globalization.”

“It’s such an ambitious project from a reporting standpoint. It’s about the production of cotton. It’s about people halfway around the world making T-shirts. It’s about people. And then, there is a social component where people actually bought the T-shirt and have this physical evidence of journalism.”

Use of multimedia

“This is the definition of multimedia … Most multimedia involves sharing the piece with the audience, and here it took it even further. This took a lot of very different parts and put it into a cohesive package.”

“Not only is it a well-designed online package, but the idea is personal, and it’s an experience that you’re having with an organization. It’s instructive. You actually gain knowledge about how this stuff in our world happens.”

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