Vote for the 35th book cover

Judges from across the globe met in Syracuse and Indianapolis recently for the Best of News Design competitions in print and digital. Their work is done.

Now we turn to you. We’d like you to be the judge of this edition’s cover. We’re asking the design community to vote on the cover of 35th Annual Best of News Design book celebrating the winners.

We have 42 cover possibilities for your consideration. Have a look at the slide show below, submitted for the first round, and the scroll lower to cast your ballot. You can vote once, for three cover entries, per day. We’ll let you narrow things down to the top finalists this week, then there will be a run-off round next week. Thanks for participating!

About Stephen Komives

Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.


Excuse me, but what happened with the no-black rule in the call of entries? Several options are clearly using it, why are those covers are in consideration? I mean you asked for creative solutions, am I right?

Hi Rosa,
There are three that have predominately black backgrounds out of 42, you are right. We’ll see how they fare in the voting and work with the artist if necessary. My concern about black is that it doesn’t wear well on soft-cover books – it’ll show scratches and fingerprints, etc.
I would argue that we do have 42 very creative solutions here to choose from, and I congratulate and thank the artists.
We have more than 600 votes tallied in one day, thanks everyone for participating.

The covers look nice. I like 10 it is different from the others very fun and creative and it is not black or white. Colorful. I think I see a headline that ran in our paper. Very nice

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